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Collectors pay hundreds for old peseta coins (even from 1995)
13 August 2019 @ 16:21

ANYONE who still has Spain's old currency in their possession has until the end of next year to change it for its equivalent in euros at the Bank of Spain - but depending upon how old and collectible the coins are, selling them online might earn you more.

Peseta coins sold to date have fetched between €45 and €20,000, according to the dealer site Thelemonapp.

Examples include one-peseta coins dating from 1947 - these 72-year-old pieces were the first in which dictator General Franco's face appeared on the reverse and are known colloquially as rubias ('blondes'), and have fetched between €200 and €1,400.

A 2.5-peseta coin from 1953, currently very difficult to find, has a market value of between €750 and €1,700, and the 50-peseta coins minted in 1957 'retail' at about €775 on eBay - although the 'test versions' which were not actually released into circulation have been sold for as much as €10,000.

One of the most sought-after by collectors is the 2.5-peseta coin from 1946 - before Franco appeared on the reverse - and the non-circulating 'test coins' can fetch up to €10,500.

So far, the most lucrative coin sale reported has been that of a five-peseta 1949 piece (pictured), auctioned by Cayón Subastas for a start price of €30,000, but which eventually went for an eye-watering €36,000.

Smaller amounts for more recent coins can be earned on eBay, Foronum and Todo Colección - a 1987 coin can fetch €45, a 100-peseta one from 1983, up to €55, a 50-peseta coin from 1984 up to €70, a 25-peseta coin from as recently as 1995 can earn you €100, and a 100-peseta coin from 1966 or a five-peseta version from 1975 could net you €400 each.



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