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Seeking Easter travel ideas? Here’s what Spain can offer in four days
15 April 2019 @ 10:57

FOUR full days off work without using up any annual leave is not exactly a regular feature on any national calendar – even in Spain where, if a month goes by without a bank holiday, the workforce starts to get tired and cross. So Easter is a perfect chance to grab a quick getaway – and, with a world of options within Spain itself, you don’t even need to worry about inflated holiday flight prices.

For the uninitiated, Spain is a beach destination par excellence, and although the usual sweltering summer weather is some months off, the spring sunshine means you might be able to grab a couple of hours in the middle of the day soaking up the rays, but don’t expect it to be hot; you’ll have to wait until June or July for that. And, actually, Spanish beaches have become victims of their own success: those who just want hot weather, relaxation and a tan have the bottom half of Europe and the top half of Africa to choose from, at similar prices and without the hassle of long-haul flights; yet with Spain having won the stakes as a sunseeking Mecca means few bother to look beyond the coast to see what else this incredibly versatile country can offer travellers.

Basically, holidaying in Spain and spending your time on the beach is a bit like heading to Rome or Paris and sitting in a bar all day and night – a terrible waste of tourism gems. The Easter break is a great chance to savour some of these without committing yourself to a two-week annual holiday – and hopefully, will inspire you to come back for more.


For families

Probably one of the safest and most welcoming countries for kids, the list of fantastic, fun and educational breaks that suit the little ones is literally endless, although most of these options are also brilliant entertainment for adults, with or without children in tow.



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