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Income tax cuts will save €500 a head, says Bank of Spain
03 July 2018 @ 01:27

RESIDENTS with a gross income of between €12,000 and €18,000 per year will save around €500 a year thanks to the new tax reductions announced in the recently-approved budget, the Bank of Spain calculates.

Those whose gross pay is less than €12,000 are not subject to income tax in any case and, if they pay it through retentions on invoices or via their monthly payslips, will normally receive a rebate when they file their annual declarations.

Other taxpayers with gross annual incomes of more than €18,000, subject to upper limits, will also see their dues reduce thanks to the 2018 budget if they fall into certain special categories – large families, the disabled, and those with care duties to elderly or disabled relatives or dependent children with disabilities.

In total, around 3.1 million taxpayers will benefit from the cut, according to the Bank of Spain, at a cost to the State of €1.5 billion – somewhat less than the €2.2bn cited in the budget paperwork.



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