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Catalunya to hold independence referendum in second week of September 'whether or not central government agrees'
18 May 2017 @ 12:38

A REGIONAL government spokeswoman in Catalunya says the independence referendum will be held in the second half of September, but will 'wait for a clear response' from central government president Mariano Rajoy before confirming the exact date.

Rajoy has been called to a conference in Catalunya led by its president, Carles Puigdemont in an attempt to 'discuss' and 'if possible, reach an agreement' – but Rajoy has not yet confirmed whether he will attend, and it is likely he will refuse.

Spain's central government has long refused to even approach the subject of a referendum and simply said it is not allowed, 'end of conversation'.

This has merely served to incense the population of Catalunya, to increase support for secession and lead to even those who are not in favour of independence to push for a public vote.

And even if Rajoy does go to the conference, it seems very unlikely his categoric 'no' and refusal to discuss the matter will change.

But Catalunya's government spokeswoman Neus Munté says the referendum will go ahead in the second half of September whether Madrid agrees to it or not.

Puigdemont has said there is no sense in setting an exact date until the conference, and stresses he wants to 'make a formal offer to negotiate' Catalunya's position with the central government first.


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nicechap said:
20 May 2017 @ 07:57

Its no wonder this country is struggling to get on its feet with parts of it behaving like this, give it to them and give them nothing else NO help in any way leave them totaly on there own

ElKev said:
22 May 2017 @ 18:33

And especially don't tell them about spelling, punctuation and the difference between "there" and "their". And how will they look then?

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