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Podemos calls for investigation into xenophobic attacks on Spaniards in the UK
16 May 2017 @ 12:08

SPAIN has contacted the UK and ordered an investigation into 'racist attacks' on Spanish tourists and expats in Britain.

Following the Brexit referendum vote, an upsurge in xenophobic insults and assaults was reported in the UK, mostly targeting Polish expats, but a small number of Spaniards also suffered.

Tomás Gil, 27, who was speaking to his companion in Spanish in Poole, Dorset – both of whom were believed to be tourists – was beaten with a broken billboard and told to 'speak in English'.

And a Spanish-run restaurant serving typical dishes from different parts of the country was attacked, with the windows smashed and the façade covered in graffiti reading 'Spics go home!'

These are not thought to be isolated incidences, given that many Spaniards in the UK do not report general insults or threats, only contacting the police if they suffer physical violence.

And the embassy and consular offices say no xenophobic assaults or verbal attacks have been reported to them.

Now that they have been informed through a written communication by left-wing opposition party Podemos, consulates and the embassy have made contact with the victims and offered assistance.


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briando55 said:
17 May 2017 @ 09:12

As part of the podemos investigation, pass them my details to include in their 'investigation'. I can show them that the UK is more friendly and tolerant and understanding than most of our 'cousins' abroad.

To assume any incidents of this nature are not isolated is quite simply rubbish and approaching an investigation from that premise is dangerous and devisive.

What are these organisations agendas all about?

coastal said:
21 May 2017 @ 20:39

This also applies here in Spain toward British expats but is never spoken about.
It seem a one sided account on behalf of the Spanish.

Kingswaydriving said:
01 June 2017 @ 20:31

'Racist attack'?? Since when did Spaniards cease to be Europeans? You do know that Brits are also European???

Cambridge, where I live, is full of people from Spain as well as many other nations - both European and otherwise. Such an attack as has been reported here, is something very rare and unusual.

Is Podemos guilty of using 'fake news' in order to get publicity, perhaps?

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