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Cancer cure and vaccine discovered in Valencia – but cannot be trialled for want of €50,000
10 April 2017 @ 14:02

A GROUND-BREAKING cancer vaccine for prevention and immune therapy for patients have been discovered by researchers at Valencia's La Fe hospital – but is unlikely to see the light of day due to lack of financing, scientists complain.

They have tested the drugs on laboratory rats and are now ready to carry out clinical trials, but need at last €50,000 to do so, covering a year's worth of salaries for investigtors.

According to dean of pharmacology at Valencia University and head of clinical pharmacology at La Fe, Dr Salvador Aliño, the vaccine has proven to be effctive against 'all types of cancer' in animals, provided it is administered before tumours form.

At present, the vaccine is only useful as a preventive tool, and would involve innoculating every member of the population who did not have cancer – which would be financially impossible for any country, Dr Aliño admits.

Once a tumour has formed, the vaccine would not work because in the process of cancer's appearing, the organism 'develops a certain level of tolerance' which the preventive drug is not capable of quashing.


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ads said:
10 April 2017 @ 16:05

Would there not be a market place for this drug to be privately purchased by people who wished to pay for such future reassurance, until such time as the longer term cost effectiveness and savings were evaluated on state health systems ( from not having to treat cancers in countries with predominantly ageing populations )?

15 April 2017 @ 17:12

I'm 65 years old and if it proved to work, I'd pay $50,000 for it as insuance.

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