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Rajoy: “Britain cannot pick and choose the bits of the EU it wants to keep”
30 June 2016 @ 08:57

SPAIN'S acting president Mariano Rajoy (PP) has echoed the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders – Britain 'cannot cherry-pick' when it comes to its relations with the EU.

“Nobody should hope to keep what interests them about Europe and get rid of what doesn't,” Rajoy warned at Tuesday's summit in Brussels.

“What we are all most concerned about now is when exactly David Cameron plans to invoke Article 50 and apply to leave the EU.

“Only then will negotiations start over the UK's leaving conditions in order to decide the future relationship between the European community and Britain.”

Rajoy stressed that the deadline to leave, once Article 50 has been triggered by the UK government, is two years, so in the meantime, nothing will change as Britain will still be an EU country.

“During this time, the rights Spanish people have to live, work or continue trade relations in the UK will remain, and Spain will work to protect the rights of Spanish citizens and companies based in Britain whilst supporting greater European integration,” Rajoy concluded.

He did not mention anything about Spain working to protect the rights of British citizens living in the country, although many local council leaders have said their Brits are 'important to us' and that they wanted them to stay put.

Angela Merkel and other leaders in the EU have stressed the UK has to choose between a total divorce – in which its trading relations will be the same as any other non-EU country in the world, with the corresponding customs tariffs and paperwork – or to stay in the common market with ease of trade, which would also mean accepting freedom of movement of people as well as goods, services and capital.

“You can't just take the benefits of Europe without the responsibilities,” she said, warning Cameron his government would not be allowed to 'cherry-pick'.


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briando55 said:
30 June 2016 @ 13:48

“Nobody should hope to keep what interests them about Europe and get rid of what doesn't,” Rajoy warned

Why not? Why are there so many uninteresting things and poor policies which has such an effect as to make countries leave?

I honestly believe that if British people thought the possibility of reform and equal discussion existed, they would have remained.

Assuming that all countries want the same thing all the time at the expense of what the people in the country may actually want is arrogant and dictatorial in my view, isn't it?

ads said:
30 June 2016 @ 20:37

Yes briando55.
The EU are currently not listening and responding to the concerns of citizens in member states and sadly it does appear arrogant, dictatorial and very inflexible.

roberto123 said:
30 June 2016 @ 20:53

Lets start or own free trade area, I am sure Australia & New Zealand would love to be in it plus South Africa to name a few.
Keep it out of Politics which is garenteed to cause trouble.

rodneyarnold said:
02 July 2016 @ 09:35

No mention by Rajoy about equality of the British people living in Spain however there are thousands of non EU people living in Spain so what difference should there be if a country is in or out of the EU in reallity as without all these people living and Spending in Spain what effect would that have on the disastrous Spanish economy? Spain due to it's inept management of it's economy is one of the highest recipients on EU money and has been for many years much of which will have come from the money contributed by the UK. It seems to me Rajoy is trying to dictate to the Banker what terms he is prepared to accept for the Banker to give, not loan the money. GB does not have an issue in itself with immigration as GB has emigrated to other countries over many centuries which built the British Empire, international trade and culture trade. France, Belgium, Holland etc would now be part of Germany if troops from the British Empire had not turned up to save them. Yesterday we remembered 100 years ago when 20,000 British troops died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Where was Spain at this time? Where was Spain during the Second World War? Allied with Hitler. Even today Spain time aligns with Germany which was changed during Second World War.
What Britain wants to control is not the immigrant who comes in to the UK, works, contributes both tax and culture integration. We need to stop the immigrants including some Spanish who come to the UK and see it as an easy touch to obtain housing and monetory benefits.

coolcat1951 said:
02 July 2016 @ 10:38

I am not a fan of Rajoy but in this instance I agree with him.
I am Scottish living in Scotland but with a house in Spain where at present I spend approx. 3 months of the year hopefully more soon.
The Ref campaign was disgrace and as has been shown: so many leave voters ( including the most stupid Bo-jo and Gove!) never thought they would win.
Of course I voted remain because I knew in all my life's work experience the money spent in Scotland from EU and yes of course we pay money any club membership ever free?
I supported working for EU reform and it is clear that many other countries also feel the need for some reform. When an organisation grows this always leads to huge bureaucracy.
Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain and I hope this now leads to Indyref2 for us and hope that people have had their eyes opened not only to the damage that a majority of population in another UK country has over us but also re the lies told to us just prior to the Indyref1 vote which was narrow and quite possibly would have been won.
However I don't just care about Scotland, there are many Remain voters in England NI and Wales wishing us the best and suggesting they will consider relocation to Scotland.....I feel sorry for those who can't do this!

dustyjack said:
03 July 2016 @ 16:34

So because the EU gives Scotland back a few Pounds of the UK's OWN money and it suits you to have a holiday home in Spain we should ALL vote to remain? What a joke. We are OUT thank God!

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