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Valencia slows to a crawl to become 'pedestrian-friendly'
01 September 2015 @ 22:02

VALENCIA city council has imposed speed limits of 30 kilometres per hour (less than 19 miles per hour) on its urban streets.

From today (Tuesday, September 1), all roads within the city-centre hub or inner ringroad will slow down practically to a standstill as cars will have to be driven in first or second gear.

Police will pull over anyone travelling faster than this, but will not fine them until the new bye-law is common knowledge, unless it is a second offence.

According to mayor Joan Ribó (Compromís) and his transport councillor Giuseppe Grezzi, the city centre 'should not be used as a through route' but as a 'place for people'.

“We want Valencia to be a pleasanter and more sustainable area where the elderly can walk more safely and children can play,” Grezzi reveals.

He says the council wants to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

If walkers do not use a zebra crossing, they take their lives into their hands getting across Valencia's streets, where fast-moving cars travel at speeds more suitable for a national highway.



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