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living a great life in Spain

my story is about my life in Spain and the fun I have, from renting holiday villas to swimming in the sea.

Summer is on the way
19 February 2012 @ 17:05

It is hard to beleive that winter is still with us when the sun is in the clear blue sky day after day but if my guest bookings are any indication summer is well on the way. I have been liasing with prospective guests all weekend and it is clear that crisis or no crisis, holidays are on their minds.

Just as well as it is said that holidays are one of the most valuable tools we have for our wellbeing. A time to relax and explore both the shoreline and our inner selves since we mostly do not have time in our every day lives for this luxury.

Just imagine if there were a government benefit for holidays how many people might not need to take time off sick !

The build up  and expectation alone can spark us into a happier frame of mind so all in all I beleive the happiness a holiday can bring starts with looking at all the glossy photos, choosing a destination to on through the holiday itself and beyond to the memories and sense of wellbeing a good holiday can bring. 

In the holiday frame of mind even a delay at the airport can fail to ignite us to anger, I hear the Iris recognition machines are to be phased out as a failure so will be unlikely to hold us up anymore meaning we will need to turn to lost baggage and bad weather before we end up reading enless magazines over bad cups of tea awaiting the announcement of our delayed flight! 

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