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Magical Spanish city - Seville

Seville is one of the destinations of the Spaniards and tourists from around the world. cosmopolitan centres of Spain. Located in the famous autonomous community of Andalusia.

A short introduction about Seville
19 February 2014 @ 23:30


Seville is a city with offering its visitors: sun, heat, light, joy, culture, history, folklore and a party all under one sky General blue. But no place for doubts, they are his people, open and hospitable, their greatest asset. It is natural that Seville as artistic, cultural, financial and social centre of the South of Spain, became the capital of this fascinating region.


The cobbled streets lead to égliseplaza Baroque Españas, intimate places, great shopping areas and world-renowned museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts. Participate with Sevilla the best bullfights, concerts and football game. Go to the theater, opera and Wander guests in its beautiful parks. Try the tapas and other culinary gastronomy of Andalusia in the many restaurants, cafes and bars that line the streets of the entire city.


Transportation in Seville :


By Road :


By railcar from Seville San Pablo, unites with the national A-4 in the direction of Madrid. At the 533 kilometer point, is the deviation of the access to the airport. From Cadiz and Huelva, through the SE-30 jusquau junction with the A-4, then take the 533 kilometer destination. From Cordoba, before arriving in Seville, take the deviation of 533 km of National A-4.





Rental Options :


Car Rental Seville lets you discover Seville and its cities with convenient. For help and information about car rental in Seville and you can bookmark this website .




By Bus :


The buses are the easiest and the cheapest way to travel around Seville if you go a little further. The airport bus EA (Special Airport) links the airport with the Seville city center. Partially surrounds the old town, but not hard. The last stop is the Plaza de Armas. From there you can take a taxi or the C3/C4 lines, if necessary. The fare is € 4.


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