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We blog legal and tax information targeted to resident and non resident UE citizens in Spain to help them with these issues and to solve doubt and generate controversy about these matters.

02 January 2014 @ 17:46

On Friday November 29, 2013 approved the Order HAP/2215/2013 under which various tax models are modified. This order takes effect on 2014.

We start to comment the main innovations:

The models 310, 311, 370 and 371 disappear (the forms for the industrialists in modules) that happen to be integrated all in model 303.

This model 303 will no longer be able to be presented/displayed in the usual forms, it will only be possible to be presented/displayed by Internet or in the forms of predeclaration that are generated through the Web of the AEAT.

  • Additional boxes are also included to include the following information detailed  down:
  • Modification of tax bases for nonpayment or insolvency.
  • Acquisition intracommunitarian not only of goods but also of services.
  • Assumptions different of above indicated from investment of the passive subject.
  • Two new squares are included to be able to choose or to revoke in this model by the special prorate in the last declaration of the year..


Those taxpayers who have opted for the special cash basis must complete an additional section that indicates which of those operations affected to cash basis would be considered generated under the criterion provided in Article 75 of the VAT Act.


Equally both the subjects covered by the cash basis, as those who are not but receive an invoice from provider who is included in this special regime, must report the amounts for the acquisitions of goods and services to which the cash regime is applicable how the VAT would have worked out with the criterion provieded in article 75 of VAT act.


Equally those taxpayers obliged to present the Form 340 will also have to upgrade their software to report all circumstances that the cash basis special regime introduced in the VAT legislation.

Best regards,

Antonio Robles Jara

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