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More About the Insurance Claims from the Fires in Javea in Spain
12 September 2016 @ 16:43

You may remember my previous post about my friend's villa being damaged in the Javea fires in Spain. It may not have been too badly damaged, but I have never known so much hastle. Are the insurance companies here to help or what? After having faithfully paid her insurance premium for many years, my friend thought that she was entitled to a bit of help from her insurance company.


Well, the inspector from the company turned up this morning together with one of his colleagues. He photographed all of the damage, and noted all of the details. After walking around the villa, he noticed that my friend's villa roof seemed rather new. Yes, she said, she did have the roof redone as it really needed some isolation so she could reduce her heating bills.

Of course, this led to the next thing. Why had she not told the insurance that she had improved her home, and upgraded the roof. At the time she did not think that she would need to do, but the inspector hastily replied that villa had been upgraded and was subsequently worth more. Was she actually paying the right level of premium for the villa? He needed to ivestigate before he took the claim further. Not daring to tell the inspector that the central heating heating system had been upgraded as well, my friend quickly explained that she thought that she had done the right thing. However, it seemed that he did not agree with her, and wanted to see all of the bills for the work to ensure the work met the legal standard. As a matter of fact, his company should have been allowed to inspect the work and approve to make sure that it met with their standards. Never mind that it does not say anything about this in the insurance policy.


She promised to supply the correct bills to the company, but just before the inspector left, he said one more thing. He would also need the police report for the villa fire. After all, we were talking about criminal damage and she should have taken out a denuncia with the police within 48 hours. Well, I am sure that there are a few people around Javea not considering denuncias at the moment. Who are they going to denounce, or is the insurance companies just after a crime number.


Surely, the inspector could see that the entire neighbourhood seemed to have been affected by the fire, and that the empty plot next door, had burned to a crisp. Who is going to follow that denuncia through? Come on, shape up and act like professionals in this time of crisis. 

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moonbeam said:
14 September 2016 @ 13:57

I remember reading a comment posted about how Mapfre had seemed responsible and fairminded when dealing with claims, and thinking that I would recommend this company based on that information.

It could help readers if this very unhelpful insurance company could be named for future avoidance!

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