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How to save money in Spain

How to save money in Spain, and how to find ways to save money online. Saving money is something that we are all a bit interested. Find out how you can save money on almost everything and how you can become more financially savvy.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pension: Are You An Expat with a Pension in the UK?
19 February 2017

Have you moved away from the UK on a permanent basis but left your pension behind? In that case, it could be that you are feeling a little bit out of control by now. Yes, your UK pension provider may be sending you regular updates on your UK pension, but could you be doing something to increase the value of your UK pension?

Pensioners in the UK have cashed in almost £10 billion since the new pension freedom was launched in 2015. It seems that many UK residents are taking control of their pensions, and you should as well. My personal situation is rather complicated as I worked in the US for a long time, but I also had a UK pension plan. The fact is that it felt rather “faraway”, and I was concerned how a Brexit would affect my pension.

My main concern was that I could not pay into my UK private pension, and I was considering options on how I could possible make the most of it by moving it to Spain. The question is, do you need a financial adviser to help you. As we know, they want a slice of the pie, and that may even reduce the value of your pension.

Savings Plan or Expat Pension

I looked at my UK pension as a savings plan, and I often thought that I would be better of controlling it. In fact, there are many approved pensions plan in various parts of the world which would allow you to transfer your pension directly into them. The good news is that it could have tax benefits if you are still below pension age like myself. It could mean that any future contributions would be looked at favorably by your local tax office. Speak to your local bank, and they may be able to help you without charging you a penny.

Offshore Expat Pension

Of course, there are expat offshore pensions plan which may benefit you. We often think of the banking giants as HSBC being the best ones but that many not be true for all of us. They were able to help me, but only because my private UK pension was with them in the first place.

We all have different financial circumstances, and it is important to acknowledge that. Find out the current value of your private UK pension, and then start looking around the Internet. There are a number of smaller offshore banks that might be able to help you. While you are on their sites, check out their savings rates as well. You may be pleasantly surprised.

What Are the Benefits of an Expat Pension Plan?

You may be able to receive your pension is another currency. We can all agree that the next ten years or so, will be a volatile time for foreign exchange rates when it comes to Sterling. It might be better to see if you can transfer your pensions pot to another major currency.

Lower Retirement Age

Lowering your retirement age to 55 + plus is something a lot of companies talk about. I am not sure that is a good idea. If you are already living abroad and managing your finances without having to resort to this measure, it is better to leave the money invested.

Tax Free Pension Deal

You may be able to get a tax free deal. Yes, that could sound tempting but it only really applies in the vast majority of cases if you want to claim on your pension.

How to Contribute to Your Pension

Something that a lot of financial advisers do not discuss with you, is the fact that you may want to carry on contributing. If you are working abroad and find the right home for your pension, there is no reason why you should not be able to do that.

Perhaps you should take control of your pension and make the most of your retirement income,

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Why You Should Consider an Expat Savings Review: Expat Pension Plan, Foreign Exchange Rates, Health Insurance and Offshore Banking
15 February 2017

Life is all about money, and when you are an expat, you will find that your financial circumstances are particularly important. You may even be surviving on a fixed income and have limited financial resources available . If that is the case, you should certainly consider an expat savings review. The truth is that you may have other financial resources available that you are not considering.

Tax and Property for Expats

Tax is a very factor that we often forget about. If, you for instance still own a property in your home country, are you making the most of it? It could be that your property is in your own name, but the property could be better off in a trust. Once we have moved to a new country, we often forget to look after the assets that we leave behind. A property is a typical example of that.

Pensions for Expats

What about your pension's savings? If you have pension's savings, or a pension plan, it is very tempting to forget about it and tell yourself that it is doing okay. The truth is that your pension might be better of in other investment fund. Most companies will now allow you to access your pension, and the way you move forward and re-invest your pension matters a great deal.

Expat Money Banking, Expat Foreign Currency Transfers and Offshore Banking

Do you have money in the bank? If you are in that situation, you need to check any interest you might be receiving. But that is not the only issue that you should consider. Is your money in the right currency, and are you getting the best exchange rate for any money that you are receiving. If you need to pay your bill in a certain currency, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the foreign exchange rates, to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

Expat Health Insurance and Other Expat Insurances

What about expat health insurance? Staying with the same company all of the time may be tempting, but does it give you the best deal? Once again, it is really important that you check out if you can get a better deal. Forgetting to review insurances policies is something that an cost us a lot of money. Expats often spend a lot of money on specialist expat insurance policies than people resident in their country of origin.

Don't Forget the Funeral Plan or Funeral Costs

When you complete your own expat savings review, or use a professional company to complete your expat savings review, it is vital to consider all of these factors and many more personal financial circumstances that you may want to take into consideration. Many expats for instance worry about funeral costs and arrangements, and it could be a good idea to invest in an expat funeral plan.

There are many unique financial circumstances when you are an expat. Make sure that you don't sit back and let your circumstances control you. Take charge of your own financial circumstances and make the most of them. Perhaps you should consider them financial opportunities instead.


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How to save Money on Beauty By Using Baby Care Products
13 February 2017

There are some great baby skin care products which can be used for adult skincare.The great thing about many baby products is that they are very gentle and often PH natural. Skin is very delicate and it is to forget that it is actually the body’s largest organ. The skin works really hard and is exposed to environmental toxins such as fumes from vehicles. It is also exposed to the sun and the sun can cause serious skin damage. Wrinkles can be another skin problem for many people, and they do occur naturally however baby products contain fewer chemicals and are therefore more easily absorbed by the skin.

 Baby products for adult skincare can include baby oil, baby soap and baby skin care lotion.There are other recommended baby products as well such as baby bubble bath which is less drying than adult bubble bath, and baby skin care wipes which can gently remove make-up. 

Baby oil is normally unscented but it can be purchased scented as well. Common scents include chamomile and lavender. Choosing to buy unscented baby oil makes adding a personal scent easy. Baby oil is normally not very expensive so splashing out on a favourite aromatherapy oil, or perfume oil, does not break the bank. It is easy to mix and personalize baby oil.  Dividing up the baby oil into smaller glass bottles and adding an essential oil is a good idea. This creates a personal body oil range and an instant choice of blends. Personally blended oils can also make great gifts. The best bottles to use are glass bottles. They tend to “hold” and preserve the scent the better.

 Baby soap is a good alternative to ordinary adult soap for allergy or eczema sufferers. It is really gentle and does not dry out the skin which is important. Most baby soaps are PH neutral and can be used on the face and on other sensitive areas such as elbows, under the arms and for more intimate use.  

Baby skin care lotion is the big beauty secret major skincare product manufacturers would like to continue to keep under wraps. Many women have discovered this gentle treatment for wrinkles, or mild rashes. It can not only be used on the face but is also great for feet and hands. Once again baby skin care lotion can be divided up into smaller quantities and “personalized”. For the face and neck baby skin care lotion can be blended with essential oil of Myrrh and Lotus. Myrrh is famous for its anti aging properties and is especially good for wrinkles on the neck. Lotus essential oil is another anti aging treatment and gently moisturizes the skin in more sensitive facial areas. It is especially good for wrinkles around the lips. Orange essential oil can be added to baby skin care lotion and used as a foot cream. This oil is good for circulation and slightly anti septic. One of the main advantages of using baby skin care lotion as a hand cream is because it is easily absorbed and mostly non sticky. Essential oil of Geranium makes a good addition to lotion when used as a hand cream as it pleasantly scented and may help to reduce age spots. 

When blending and making personalized skin care products it is worth bearing in mind that making smaller batches is better as this makes sure the products stay fresher.


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How to Save Money on Food: Five Top Tips on How to Cut Your Grocery Bill
10 February 2017

Waste not want not has always been my personal motto. Nothing could be more true when it comes to food. A staggering 88 million tones of food are wasted every year in the EU, and the associated costs are estimated to be 143 billion Euros. That is lot of food and a vast sum of money. The waste comes from homes as well as businesses such as supermarkets. No wonder food is so expensive.

I am sure that businesses are thinking about how they can cut down on food waste, but more importantly, how can we cut down on our food and grocery bills.

Cut Down on Waste

The first thing you want to do is to look at if you can cut down on waste in your own home. It could be a much better idea to buy just what you need. Fresh food goes off quickly, so unless you are planning on eating it right away, it might be a good idea to buy frozen or tinned food instead. Think about what you can do with any leftovers that you have and how you can use the food. Basically, don't throw anything away unless there is something wrong with the food. The left overs from Sundays' beef casserole may taste great over a baked potato.

Look Out for Discounts in Supermarkets

Supermarkets, not only in Spain, but in other parts of the world as well, like to hang on to their customers. Supermarket loyalty does not really pay, and if you are a bit disloyal to your supermarket, you are much more likely to hand up with vouchers. Think about how you are doing your shopping. If you have a 10% discount voucher for the meat counter, you may want to spend it on a stock up shop.

At the moment, this is what I do. I take my 10% discount voucher and buy all of the meat that I need for the month. For some reason, I seem to get the same voucher every month, so I go to the same supermarket. The supermarket that I go to have lots of offers anyway, and combined with these offers, I save a lot of money on meat products. Last month, all my meat products only cost me 30 and lasted all month with a bit of savvy shopping.

Meal Planning

Who says that you cannot plan your meals ahead? Some people plan their meals for the entire month. I know roughly what my family likes to eat, so I plan my meals a week ahead. When I go to the supermarket once a week, I only buy what I need and I am rather strict with myself. I don't have to worry about buying meat products as I already have those, so I focus on other products such as vegetables, fish and what else I need for the household. Buying frozen fish might be a good option instead of buying fresh fish. Remember if you get a discount voucher for frozen food products, it will include all frozen food items.

Stick to the Shopping List

I know that it can be tempting to stray outside the shopping list, but you are not doing yourself any favours. One you have decided what you need in the way of food and other items for the home, just buy what you need. A good idea to make this is easier, is to check out what special offers and discounts supermarket have available. These days, thanks to the Internet, you can easily do so online. It only takes a few minutes and you end up with a list for each store. Together with your meal planning, this can save you a lot of money.

Buy Generic Products

Unless you have some fantastic discount vouchers, you will find that it is often cheaper to buy generic products. Most generic products are just as good as many brands and you can save a lot of money. As supermarkets control the cost of their generic products much more efficiently, you may find that you will even pick up some discount here as well. Last month, I paid half price for a supermarket's own generic washing powder when I received a special discount voucher. I had used the product before, and knew it was great. With my discount voucher, I ended up paying €2 for a detergent which promised to do 40 washes.

Saving money on your grocery shopping and food bill is not hard, but you need to apply yourself to it. Don't take it for granted that you are going to save money. If you are serious about making cost cuttings on your food bills, you really do need to get your grey cells going. One more thing, don't give into the temptation of impulse buys.

Don't forget to constantly keep an eye on your outgoings. Thousands of ex-pats around lose a lot of money by transferring currency in the wrong way, or not getting the best deal an ex-pat health insurance. Being an ex-pat in any part of the world is a real mine field, and many assume that ex-pats are all millionaires. Is that true? No, I don't think so.  

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How to Save Money in Spain When You Are Retired: Expat Health Insurance, Offshore Banking and the Importance of an Expat Savings Review
01 February 2017

Saving money when you are retired may not be that easy. However, when you start looking around, there are a few ways you can both save and make money when you are retired. Unfortunately, interest savings rates are at an all time low, and this does not make it any easier. But, if you do get a little bit more financially savvy, you will find that there are some ways that you can save money, and make money, when you are retired. You may even want to consider foreign currency exchange trading, but that is a different story. 

Saving Money on A Regular Basis

If you can afford to, it may be a good idea to save money on a regular basis. Many banks and building societies will offer you a better interest savings rate when you save money on regular basis. Putting away anything from £20 - £500 per month can get you a better savings rate. This is actually a very good way of saving as you can save up for something special. You may want to save up for a special holiday, cruise or even some home improvements. We often overlook saving on a regular basis as we get older, but it can help a lot. 

Saving Money By Locking Your Money Away

Saving money by locking your money away is a good alternative. If you have a savings pot in one bank account, but feel that you don't need access to it all, you should consider locking your money away. This simply means that you take a certain amount of money, and put it away in a separate account for an agreed period of time. It may be over one year, two years or perhaps even five years. There are lots of deals out there, so before you go for this option, check out what is available. Off shore bank accounts may offer better saving options if you would like to look your money away. Speak to a financial adviser. They don't mind and many of them have some good ideas.  

Save Money By Switching Bank Account

Most of us use the same bank all of the time, but the truth is that we may be better switching banks. The good news is that you don't need to switch all of your accounts. You may be able to keep your current account in your original bank, but switching your savings account. A lot of banks like to attract new customers by offering better rates, so it is an option you should check out. In some countries like Spain, savers switch their savings accounts all of the time. They simply hunt out the best deals every year or five years. It is a good point and something that many people often forget about. I know that it may seem easy to keep the same bank saving account, but is it making you any money? 

Over Paying Your Mortgage

If you still have a mortgage, you may want consider over paying your mortgage. But, there is a big BUT, speak to your mortgage provider first of all. Some mortgage providers don't like you doing this as it means they lose interest, and there could be penalties to pay. However, it is still a good idea, and there is a good way around if you would still like to pay off your mortgage earlier. 

You could set up a savings account, and let the balance build up. Once you have reached a certain amount in your account, get in touch with your mortgage provider and ask if you can come to a deal. As a lot of providers also like to clear down loans, they would probably be more than happy to talk to you. This option works very well if you have a repayment mortgage with about £20,000 to £30,000 left. If you can save £500 per month, it would take you less than 3.5 years to pay off a £20,000 mortgage.  

Check Out Your Debts

When you have a lot of costly debts, make sure that you get them paid off before you start saving. It is still fairly easy to get what I call "bad credit". Pay day loans can end up costing a fortune, and so can that holiday or Christmas celebrations you paid for by using your credit card. Be honest about your debts and get them paid off. You should not live with debt for the rest of your life.  

Don't forget to make sure that you are getting the best deals on foreign exchange rates, expat health insurance and expat financial advice. Arranging a savings review is a good idea. The expat financial market is very specialized, so you want to aim for a specialist expat savings review as it may mean getting some excellent tax advice free of charge.


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Saving Money in Spain: Weekly Saving Ideas For Your Life in Spain
29 January 2017

How to Save Money on Fuel in Spain

More and more supermarkets and businesess in Spain are beginning to hook up with petrol stations, and offer discounts. Carrefour offers 4% off with Cepsa, and you get your 4% back in your Carrefour club card. The good thing about this scheme, is if you also have a Cepsa card, you will still get points towards your Cepsa card balance.

Dia supermarkets also offers a 3% discount with Shell petrol stations. Shell also offers a loyalty card called Clubsmart. For every liter of fuel that you put in your vehicle you will get one point. When you sign up, you initially get 200 points towards your balance.

Check Your Supermarket Receipt

How often do you check our supermarket receipt? The other day as I was paying for my grocery bill in the supermarket, I thought it was a bit high. When the check out assistant gave me the receipt, I stepped to one side and checked it. To my surprise, I had been charged for freezer bags that at Euros1,41 I had never purchased, and I had also been over charged by 60 cents on avocados that I had bought. Funnily enough, the lady behind me had also been charged for freezer bags that she had never bought. In total I had been overcharged by Euros 2,01.

Not everyone leaving the supermarket checked their receipts, but I keep on wondering if they had been charged for freezer bags as well. One hundred shoppers would have mean another extra Euros 141,00 for the supermarket without anybody having bought them.

Get Coupon Savvy

One of the best ways to get more vouchers from your local supermarket, is by being disloyal. Two eeks ago, I was “disloyal” to one of the supermarkets that I do my weekly shopping in. The next week, I was given a 10% discount off their meat counter. As they had some really good offers on, I popped into to claim my discount. My purchases from the meat counter came to Euros 12,10 and yes, I did get my 10% off at the till. A fantastic saving altogether with good prices on meat and my extra 10% discount.

You can pick up saving coupons online in Spain. Check out sites such as Sign up for their newsletter, and they will let you know when they have coupons available. They also have a sister site where you get free samples.

Buy Generic Medications

If you are not entitled to the Spanish National Health, you may be paying out a small fortune for medications. Saving money by buying generic medications is a good idea, and most pharmacies do stock generic medication. It is just a matter of asking for it. The most popular pharmaceutical company here in Spain is called Normon, and they are based in Madrid. All of their products are produced in Spain, and are excellent qualities. If you would like to know more about Normon, check out their website.

Saving Money on Currency Transfer

No, you don't save money by transferring your money in between the UK and Spain using Paypal. It is actually a very expensive way to transfer money in between two countries. I know that a lot of people advocate doing it, but it is really expensive. If you truly want to save money on foreign exchanging currency, you should use a specialist such as an expat currency transfer company. Yes, a local paper recently recommended Paypal, but it is way too expensive. Another service similar to Paypal called Propay was also mentioned. It can work out expensive so check things out carefully before you proceed. All in all, it is better to use a professional foreign currency exchange service. You will be able to speak to somebody in your own language, and the company may even have an office near you.


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Top Tips for Expat Health Insurance
24 January 2017


Private Expat health insurance is becoming more and more popular. Lots of people now think that national systems such as the NHS are close to collapse. The truth is that many national governments are under huge strain and are having a tough time offering good quality medical cover. But, is health medical insurance worth it and how you can save money on your expat health insurance policy? Should expats rush to take out health insurance to ensure medical cover before Brexit goes through?

Are You Healthy Enough for Your Expat Health Insurance Company?

If you are considering taking out expat health insurance, it is worth considering your "good points". That is a funny statement to make but it is very true. So, what are your good points? If you are a non-smoker, you can certainly consider this as being one of your good points. Most insurers will load, or make your expat health insurance premium more expensive, when you are a smoker. 

Another good point which can help is being the right weight for your height. Obesity, and overweight, brings a whole host of health problems. Most doctors will tell you to lose weight if you are overweight, so make sure that you are a healthy weight when you take out private health cover.

If you are a regular gym goer, or exercise a lot, it may help you to get lower premiums. It is well known that people with a healthy lifestyle suffer less health problems. Also, don't forget that alcohol comes into it. Your insurer is much more likely to offer you a better rate when you are not a "big drinker".

How to Self Insure for Expats

This sounds really funny to most people, but I came up with the idea when I lived in the States. In the United States health insurance is a real minefield and very expensive. Even though I was young when I lived in the US, my health insurance used to cost me a lot of money per month. 

To reduce cost, I reduced cover but I started to put money into a savings account instead. The money was meant to build up, and help me to cover any extra medical costs. Fortunately, I never needed it, but I have kept the idea going and I still put away a little bit of money every month.

How to Pay for Expat Health Insurance

How you pay for private medical insurance can save a lot of money. If you are able to prepay for a whole year, you may find that you will get some better rates from your insurance company. I pay for mine a year at a time, and I do this by saving money in a savings account. When my premium is due, I simply use this bank account to pay for my health insurance. This way I do save a lot of money by the end of the year. 

Expat health insurance is a very competitive business, and don't forget to get several quotes. Make sure that you compare the quotes from expat health insurance providers. It is all about value for money and making sure that you are getting the right cover for your circumstances.


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What I have Learned About Saving Money in Spain
22 January 2017

Saving money is a bit like a journey. When you go on this journey, you will find many different avenues to explore and you will learn a lot. Not everything that you learn is complicated or very involved or complicated. If you try to make it too complicated, you often don't end up saving any money at all.

Supermarket Loyalty Does Not Pay

One thing that I have learned is that supermarket loyalty does not pay. Since the middle of last year, I have been a very disloyal supermarket shopper. One week I have been going into Carrefour, the next Consum and then Mas Y Mas. Not only have I been able to build up loyalty bonuses, or cash back on my supermarkets cards quicker, but I have also been issued with a lot of discount vouchers off my next shop.

In other words, I have been playing the field. Going into different supermarkets every week, has meant that I have been issued with a steady stream of discount vouchers off every day foods such as meat, fruit, vegetables and fish. It has really helped me to cut down on my grocery bill. At the moment, Carrefour seems to appreciate their disloyal customers more than the rest, and I have been getting 20% of daily necessities.

But my biggest saving was on dog food in Consum. I was giving a Euro 5 discount voucher for their own brand dog food. They already had a special offer on 10 kilo of dried dog food, so I walked out with 10 kilos of dog food for Euros 2.85. That is what I call a saving!

Generic Products Are Good

Not all generic are great, but many of the are good. I have started to use a lot of generic cleaning products for my humble abode. Has it saved me money? Yes, it has saved me a lot of money. Needless to say, it is worth looking out for offers, but I never go for offers like buy one get one half price. I find those offers confusing.

Once again, it is Consum that has come out on top. I have no other ties to Consum than my loyalty card I hasten to add, but it seems to work for me. Now when I receive my “descuentos personalizados” (personal discounts), I get personal discounts on washing up liquid, laundry detergent, floor cleaner and fabric softener every month. The products are not more expensive than other supermarket's generic products, and every bit as good. Those little extra discounts add up to about Euros 2.50 per month.

With my other personal discounts from the same supermarket, I end up with a bonus cheque for at least Euros 6. Somehow it always pays for my washing up liquid, detergent and conditioner for the next month. It is a bit like being “carbon neutral” on important household items. If you like, they cost me nothing to buy.

Ask for a Better Deal

I have learned to ask for a better deal. There is nothing like the power of almost walking away from an electrical shop. My beloved steamer and microwave both decided to pack up this year. As we all know, electrical goods can be expensive in Spain and do not seem to last as long.

Any way, I can't live without either gadget, so I had to spend out some money. At first, the guy in the store was playing hard ball, so I told I would come back another day. Low and behold, a fancy new microwave which would have cost Euros 70 ended up costing Euros 54. I did have to pay full price for the steamer, but the guy seemed to be keen to clear his stock of microwaves.

Next time I need something, I will try to be a loyal customer and return to the same store. Who knows, he may even do me a good deal as well. After all, he asked me for coffee...

Yes, so you can certainly save money when you try. Remember that disloyalty pays. Before I go, a bit of a heads up. The supermarket chain Eroski seems to be having a bit of a crisis moment. They have sold off some of their stores to Carrefour and some of the company's franchise stores have closed down. If, you happen to have an Eroski loyalty card with money on it, make sure that you spend that cash. They seem to keep it rather quiet when they close a store down leaving you with a card balance. On top of that it is not easy to spend your Eroski loyalty cash online. All too often a message pops up, informing you that they do not service or deliver to you area. The end result is money lost and nothing to show for it. Please note that this does not affect any Travel Club points that you may have. That scheme carries on functioning in the same way as before.



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Snow Changes Everything But Does It Make Your Financial Future Better
19 January 2017

How is climate change going to affect your economy? Is it going to make daily living costs more expensive, or are energy costs going to go down? Some argue that we are going to spend less money heating our homes, but I am not sure if that is going to have an effect. Perhaps we will spend more time cooling our homes instead.

Will Climate Change Affect Food Prices?

Knowing how climate change will change daily living costs is hard to predict. Food prices keep rising all of the time, and I wonder if they will rise more when climate change really takes hold. After all, it could become more difficult to grow fresh fruit and vegetables if more UV rays reach the earth. It could mean that more more and vegetables would have to be discarded. The alternative is that we would have to invest in giant growing centers. Who would end up paying for those? In the end, I am pretty sure that the consumer would end up paying for them.

Taxing Energy Use

Energy is another thing that is likely to occur further taxes. Some countries are talking about putting an energy tax on even green energy to make sure that we implement more energy saving ideas into our homes. Of course, insulting your home against a hotter climate using environmental friendly materials is unlikely to be cheap.

Will Climate Change for a Tax on Water Usage?

Water is yet another issue. If there are less water available for us to use, the price of water will go up. So will the cost for waste away. Pay as you use meters are likely to become more common, and some even talk about a water usage tax.

How Much Tax can You Afford to Pay?

How much tax can you actually afford to pay? We pay a lot of tax already, and it seems that it is only the very rich who can afford to find the right tax exemption advice. It might be a good idea to plan ahead and maybe even start to save towards future living expenses. One thing is for sure, the future is not going to be cheaper.

It is time to find out how you can save and make money. Keep an eye on foreign exchange rates and perhaps put them to good use. Saving in the traditional way is not doing us a lot of good at the moment. Taking a look at creating your own investment portfolio. It can be made up out of foreign currency investments, pensions plans and online trading portfolios. Stock trading online could be an excellent way of saving for the future.

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Top Smart Ways to Save Money in 2017
31 December 2016

It does not matter where in the world you live, 2017 is set to be a challenging year financially for many of us. Not only are we going to see a new President in the United States of America, but the UK is going to start the Brexit process as well. Both events may have fundamental impact on global financial markets, and on our purse strings.

If Mr Trump decides to tear up trade agreements with leading nations, we could see higher import duties and price hikes on goods. Things made in China may become more expensive, and if the Chinese start to produce less, it may have a knock on effect on the global economy.

Some Brexit factors may not be affecting us as yet, but the UK Sterling has already taken a hit. Are there more upsets to come? If you are relying on an income in UK Sterling, now is good time to check out your options. Make sure that you are getting the best rates on international currency transfers and try to save some money for a rainy day.

But, how can you save money in 2017? The first thing you need to do is to get a hold of your daily living expenses. Set up a spreadsheet on your computer and found out where you can make some savings. Be savvy and check out electricity deals and other energy prices at the same time.

Saving money on daily living costs matter a lot. Get to know your local supermarkets and find out which ones have the best offers. Remember that supermarket loyalty may not pay off. It could be better to shop around, and make the most out of those loyalty cards that you have in your wallet. By shopping around, I have picked up a lot of extra points and cash on my loyalty cards. You will even find that supermarkets are happy to give you discount vouchers when you don't visit them every week.

Insurance costs are another one of life's burdens. When was the last time you made sure that you got the best deal on your various insurances? We all have them, but often we do not check that we are still getting the best deals and value for money. Saying no to an insurer, often makes them prick up their ears. Even insurance companies need a healthy customer base and hate to lose a customer.

How much is your bank charging your for banking services? Banks are slow in handing out good deals for their customers, but like to charge money for all sorts of things. Yes, they are businesses but make sure that their practices benefit you not just them.

The waste less concept is becoming increasingly popular. Most of us are now more aware that we may throw away too much stuff. Whether it is food or clothes, have a little think how you can use it. Don't buy food that you don't need and clothes you are not going to wear. If you have close that you are bored with, perhaps you can sell in second shop or consignment shop and get some money back. Don't be afraid to re-use your clothes. You be surprised what you can make out of cast off clothes.

More than anything, perhaps we should adopt the attitude that if we don't need it, we should not buy it. Never be afraid to ask for a better price or see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Remember that it is your wallet and bank account, and your hard earned money. Waste not want not seems to be a principle that we have forgotten. I keep wondering if it would make a good motto for all of us in 2017!

Happy New Year and make sure that you check back every so often for new ideas on how to save and make money online and elsewhere in your life.

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