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Musings on my life in Spain

Russ has lived in Spain for just over three years and has explored the area around Pamplona, Catalunya to the north of Barcelona, and is now living in Guardamar del Segura from where he blogs about his Spanish life.

Chillax at the port of Alicante
12 October 2015 @ 18:34

Sometimes you visit a city but always seem to miss something great, and then when you finally find that place, it’s hard to believe that you never knew about it before. That’s how I feel about the port area of Alicante. There are some intriguing sights and plenty of things to keep you occupied throughout the day.

As you enter the port from the main drag, you’ll see a curious naked man walking on water and carrying a surfboard. It’s actually a sculpture of Icarus by the renowned Madrid artist Esperanze d’Ors. Quite why Icarus has a surf board is anyone’s guess. Clearly his wings made from wax didn’t work so he took up a different hobby.

Close to Icarus is the Santísima Trinidad, a replica of a Spanish galleon which was sunk by the British during the Battle of Trafalgar. The restaurant on board gets good reviews but for €5 you can just visit the ship and get a drink to sip up on the open deck.

One thing I enjoy about visit places in Spain is finding out about local history. A plaque by the port says that many Republicans fled from here during the Civil War. Surrounded by tranquility, it’s hard to imagine what it must have been like back in 1939.

There are many bars and restaurants where you can sit out and have a coffee, or something stronger. During the day it’s a peaceful scene but in the evenings I imagine it’s rather more lively. The poles for dancing inside the Coyote Ugly bar certainly suggest that!

You can walk along the wall of fame and have your photo taken with The Beatles if you wish. Other notable faces on the wall include Madonna Tina Turner, and even Tin Tin can be found nearby.

One attraction I really want to visit is the Volvo Ocean Race museum. Sadly I always seem to visit on a Monday when it is closed to the public! Better planning will be required for my next trip into the city.

If having a flutter in a casino is more your scene then you are in luck. Check out the website for the Casino del Mediterraneo to see what’s on offer. The buffet looks to be tremendous value for just €12 including a drink. Maybe next time.

Along the esplanade you’ll often find market stalls open selling trinkets and souvenirs. There are plenty of restaurants around and it’s only a minute or two to cut into the old town which is another story in itself. Be careful as you walk though, the pavement may have you feeling a little dizzy!!

If you have enjoyed this post, why not have a look at and have a read about some other unusual places in Spain.

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Stinkey said:
23 October 2015 @ 10:18

Are you sure that's a statue of Icarus ? It does seem strange ?

rrruss said:
23 October 2015 @ 10:22

Whilst I agree it's strange, the artist's website confirms that it is indeed Icarus with a surfboard!

Don't shoot the messenger. He doesn't understand it either!!

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