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Turkey more popular than Spain among Britons
14 July 2008 @ 10:09

While Spain has long been seen as the primary holiday destination for Britons looking for sun and beaches, a recent study indicates that Turkey is now well in the process of overtaking Spanish resorts when it comes to attracting visitors from the United Kingdom. This change, however, has a lot to do with concerns about the economy in Britain and the relatively low value of the British pound agains the euro. As such, Britons are increasingly looking for holiday destinations outside of the eurozone. While Budapest and Prague may top the list when it comes to weekend city breaks in East/Central Europe, Turkey is one of the few remaining sun destinations where Britons can enjoy better value for money, thanks to the existence of national currencies.

According to a report by the Co-operative Travel Company, a “seismic shift” is unfolding when it comes to the travel and vacation practices of Britons. The organization pointed out that for the past four decades, Spain was clearly the favourite sun destination for UK residents. This, however, is no longer the case, as Turkey appears to have overtaken this western European country, especially when it comes to travellers seeking package deals. Going on holiday in Turkey is now cheaper than travelling to Spain. In fact, a British tourist may save as much as £100 by choosing Turkey, where the average cost of a vacation stands at £357, compared to a Spanish holiday, which is priced at around £465.

Source: Car

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Kelly Mac said:
15 July 2008 @ 12:41

Not only are tourism figures up in Turkey but also, the number of Britons who are investing in property in Turkey. Many want to buy in Spain but cant afford it. Others are scared by the legal difficulties around home ownership that is receiving high media attention in the UK. Many Brits are moving from Spain to Turkey - same great climate but lower property prices and lower cost of living PLUS fantastic interest rates on bank savings.
The buying process is simple in Turkey and there are many Anglo Turkish estate agencies and construction companies that British clients can converse with directly. Rental returns are high on buy-to-let investments (for all the reasons mentionned in the article).
Spain is great but there are cheaper alternatives of equal quality so for those whom can no longer afford Spain, Turkey is quite a delight.

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