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Do you have the vote on 28 May?
Friday, May 19, 2023 @ 11:07 AM

Many foreign residents are not sure whether they have a vote in the local elections on 28 May. 

Others are not really interested in local politics. Why not? 

Pablo de Ronda, a British resident of 15 years, is very interested in having a say in how his local council is run and has made sure he's got the vote. He takes a look at the situation.

(Photo: Freepik)

Many expatriates think that they automatically have the vote if they are registered on the electoral roll (empadronado). THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Your padron certificate needs to be up-to-date and you need to have specifically requested a vote.

I made sure I did this, but I know of many British, German, Dutch, French and other foreign residents who did not. Unfortunately, for the elections in 10 days time it is now to late to register. BUT, WHY NOT DO IT FOR NEXT TIME IN 2027? 

We need our voices to be heard. In many towns and villages, foreigners are a significant minority and can have an effect on the make-up of our local councils. 

Indeed, around where I live, in the Serrania de Ronda, some foreigners are standing for election: Julie Wilkinson, British, who is standing for PSOE-A in Cañada del Real Tesoro/Cortes de la Frontera; Delphine Duboys, French, who represents Ronda 100 x 100 in Ronda; Marleen Pieper, Dutch, who is standing as an independent under the wings of PP in Cortes de la Frontera; and Anne Razvi, British, number 4 for PP in Gaucin. 










Marleen Pieper, PP independent candidate in Gaucin  (Photo: Facebook)

In Ronda there are some 2000 registered foreigners and one party, Ronda 100 x 100, the party of "Common Sense" is keen to tap into this group and try and gain its support at the ballot box. 

One of their main policy aims is to establish a Foreigners Advice Bureau, with speakers of the main foreign languages, eg English, Dutch, German and French. This service, a kind of Citizens' Advice Bureau, would be free at the point of use. 

Ronda 100 x 100's leader and candidate for mayor, Isabel Barriga, said: "A town of Ronda's size needs to engage with its foreign population via such an information and advice point. A local foreign resident suggested the idea to me some months ago and I took it on board straightaway."










Isabel Barriga, candidate for mayor of Ronda (photo: abogados de Ronda)

Her colleague, Delphine Duboys, herself a foreign resident, thinks such a service is essential. "Other towns have offered such a service for years, eg Mijas, Benalmadena and Fuengirola. Foreigners in those towns are much more engaged in local politics than up here in the interior."

So, fellow foreign resident, check to see if you have the vote this time, and if not, make sure you have it for 2027.

Check here:


More foreign candidates

Further afield in Malaga province, there are foreign candidates standing for election in:

Alcaucin has three foreign candidates: Mario Blancke, Belgium; Eunice Bowles-Roberts, UK, and Christopher Cluderay, UK, all representing local party Somos Alcaucin.

ComaresClair Spettigue, England, represents Avanza.

ManilvaDean Tyler Shelton, England, for PP.

MoclinejoAndrew Price, England, also PP. 

NerjaJudy Rust, USA, standing for PSOE.



Dean Tyler Shelton, PP, Manilva

(SUR in English)



Additional information courtesy of SUR in English


©  Pablo de Ronda

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