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A description of life in Pruna, a village in the Andalusian mountains

The delightful Spanish village of Pruna and all the facts and fancies you need to know so as to enjoy Pruna to the full

Getting from Pruna to Seville airport - easy!
01 July 2014 @ 20:01

The bus to Seville leaves Pruna at 6.35am monday to friday. Firstly Bar Campo is open from about 5.45am, so you can have a cafe con leche and a tostado while waiting if you fancy leaving with a full stomach.

It is delightful waiting in the summer dawn for this very punctual and regular bus to appear, if you have luggage you place it in the hold, then get on, it cost 8.40 euros to get to Seville, and the bus terminus is at San Sebastien (there are two bus station in Seville).

The journey takes about 2 hours, and the only daily flight to Gatwick with easyjet is at 10.45am, so stroll out the front of the bus station, turn left and you will see bus stops and tram lines, cross over the tram lines and cross the road to the otehr pavement, almost directly in front of you you will see a bus stop with EA on the side, this is the airport bus stop. There is a digital information sign that will tell when the the half hourly service is due (it is usually at 20 mins to and ten mins past the hour).

The bus costs 4 euros and takes 35 minutes and drops you right outside departures.


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