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Property Management companies lack of commitment

We purchased an apartment in the Costa Del Sol 4 years ago. Despite searching we still have not found a "proper" management company. Are we being too fussy?

Property Management Companies in the Costa Del Sol
11 September 2009 @ 15:06

Five years ago we purchased a property in the Costa Blanca. There were many "management" companies there at this time- all offering a key holding service etc.  We decided to choose a husband and wife team who have been brilliant and have never let us down. We took a slight risk - always a big worry when handing over your property so someone you don't know etc but it worked out and we were and are very fortunate to have them.  Thier fees - 85 euros to meet and greet, sort out any of our problems with alarm companies, TV companies etc, all priced at 5 euros per hour for their time, and more importantly NO ANNUAL FEE.

Due to the success of the Costa Blanca we decided four years ago to purchase an apartment in the Costa del Sol, thinking " done it before can do it again" boy were we in for a shock.!   What works like a dream in the Costa Blanca has become a nightmare in the Costa Del Sol.   At the start we took on a company that promised to put our apartment on their website, do two weekly checks, water our plants - all of the usual stuff.  Meet and greet etc.  Very nice people I may add but unfortunately the annual fee of 500 euros, plus 85 euros to clean a 2 bed apartment, ( not including terrace this is an extra 30 euros) and not including the linen clean (another 35 euros for 4 beds) which was supposed to be at the laundry but went to a Spanish ladies house who invitably "lost" our bed linen and had to be replaced. We seemed to be paying 150 euros for every changeover.  The partment was hardly ever checked in the winter months and there was always something that needed to be done, i.e replacement of linen, curtains, keys lost etc. Just hassle.  We knew every two months there would always be the additional 40 -50 euros to fork out.  Three years on we had had enough. 

We Stupidly took on Ready Rental properties- there are lots of blogs on this on EOS    - I did have doubts it sounded too good to be true and it did take me a whole year of asking around etc. I managed to speak to the owner of a related  company (who used to be a director of a large holiday firm in the UK which I dealt with) who gave me the names telephone numbers of directors of RRP. It seemed to be o.k so i paid up. Now we all know this story - badly bitten and currently trying to get a refund from my  Visa credit card company. Great idea though - done properly who knows ! What silly stupid people!

Currently taken on local company who do not charge an annual fee, YIPPEE - and that can be paid by the hour. Charge similar costs for the cleaning - (eh ?  this is a fraction of the size of the property in the Costa Blanca) and have a proper office where my guests can pick up the keys.  Sounds o.k? two months on three sets of keys including remote control have been taken home by renters as they cannot find anyone to hand the keys back to when the office is shut. There is an arrangement for security to take them in but aparantly he is never at his post. My hourly charge has been ignored - there is now a charge for chageover 85 euros, departure clean 50 euros and pre-arrival clean of 25 euros - and also patio clean of 30 euros.  No No No I hear you say - I don't want a pre -arrival clean or a patio clean just a changeover will be fine. ...  I know find myself emailing this company twice a week to check to see if my keys have been returned, one customer sent tem back to me - I had to fedx them over costing 27 euros. The secon customer did the same this time I sent them recorded delivery - this was held in Fuengirola post office waiting for someone to pick them up. The rental company charged me 2 hours parking time for this!  Yesterday I had to arrange for a locksmith to go in - 75 eurosbut worth the peace of mind - same dy service and payment when I next go out. . Thank you Tony for peace of mind! 

If someone knows of a company near La Cala Hills, that is not going to charge me excessive amounts please let me know- this area is crying out for a decent management company that gives a damn - now there's a thought!

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GWM said:
11 September 2009 @ 15:03

We look after a property in La Cala, Los Prados del Golf. The owner would be happy to give you a reference. We charge 85 euros for cleaning and laundry for a two be apt, this includes terrace, windows etc, water plants etc. We also charge a 700 year management fee. we meet clients up to 8pm, no further charge, between 8 and midnight 25 euros, after midnight 35 euros. When unoccupied we inspect once a week, water plants etc.We are always on hand for the clients. If you are interested you can contact me on the forum I am GWM.

Arthur D. Roberts said:
23 September 2009 @ 14:23

Wow, I never knew that Property Management Companies. That's pretty interesting...

barbara said:
09 February 2011 @ 20:31

If your 2 beds apartment is in phase 1 and wish to rent to buy please let me know

Mob 664 469 445 Thanks

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