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Useful phrases in spanish to negotiate a price
05 March 2013 @ 23:25

You want that special item but you need to know how much it costs. Here’s a quick guide to Spanish words you can use in Spain to help you get your bargain!


What is your best price? ¿Cuál es tu mejor precio?
Too expensive for me Demasiado caro para mí.
Can you go a little lower? ¿Podriais reducir un poco el precio?
To pay in cash Pago en efectivo
How much? ¿Cuánto?
How much for the two, three, four etc.  Cuánto si compro dos, tres, cuatro etc.
How old is it? ¿De qué año es?
I only have XX Euros – is that enough? Tengo XX Euros – ¿es eso suficiente?
Can we strike a bargain? ¿Podemos cerrar un trato?
Okay, Thank you! Ok, gracias!


¡Buena suerte! / Good luck!

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eggcup said:
06 March 2013 @ 23:03

Nice one Jose. I think these will be useful phrases for lots of people. Having said that, I tried my best to get a discount the other day, but the man point-blank refused as he already had the lowest prices in town! Fair enough, I say, and I paid the full whack (that's an English word you might not know; it means the full amount).

Jose Calvo said:
07 March 2013 @ 19:51

Hi! You are right, I didn't know that word :)

Bargaining is a tradition rooted in the Middle East. Spain, despite being a country with arabian influences, hasn't adopted this ritual.

It's very difficult to bargain here, but this is a country surrounded by other cultures. There are a lot of merchants from Morocco and Pakistan, for example, who loves to haggle over prices. So the seller's procedence is a factor to consider.

I think the best places to haggle in Spain are traditional markets, but you should get there early, because that's when merchants are more eager to sell.

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