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Travelling Spain with Two Dogs & a Parrot

With a good internet connection, I can work remotely from anywhere, so my husband Rob & I took advantage of this & are travelling Spain with our pets & everything we own packed into an estate car with roof-box.

Moving Back to Spain
29 March 2019 @ 09:06

It was moving day!   This was in March 2018.

After three months in the Algarve, we were moving over the border to Spain & were ready.

Perhaps it was beacause the weather in February had been shocking, or that we were ready for a change of scenery.

I had to admit I'd been a little disappointed with the Winter weather as I'd  expected more bright, sunny days.

However, it had actually been windy most of the time, cloudy & downright wet.

England had bad snow storms & Europe in general had unsettled weather, with snow in Barcelona disrupting the F1 Grand Prix 2018 post Winter testing sessions.  Here in the Algarve we'd had torrential rain & even tornados which caused damage along the sea-front & to homes.

We'd taken a couple of trips to Spain as the border was only 40 minutes drive away & there was damage to the sea wall at Isla Cristina whilst most of the wooden board walks & steps to the beach at Islantilla were broken & cordoned-off.

Our Algarvian cottage had been rustic with shutters & single-glazed sash windows.  The windows & doors had large gaps so we could see the effect of the strong draughts from the wind blowing the curtains around indoors.  The rain blew in under the doors too, making puddles on the brick-tiled floor.  Whilst not icy cold like the Northen yellow house, the cottage had been cool & fresh with the constant movement of draughty air & we'd had the electric radiators on almost non-stop.

So we were ready to move-on.

Our next home in Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain was only a three hour drive away,  so I'd informed our host we'd be there at 3pm.

In fact, this was too ambitious as packing the car (between heavy showers) & finishing cleaning took longer than anticipated so I'd had to message at 11.30am to add an hour onto our arrival time.

I'd checked our progress & time after a comfort break, thinking it would take a little over an hour to get to Sanlucar, I had an hour to inform our host of any changes.  But then it dawned!  Spain was an hour ahead of Portugal so at 4.05pm (not the expected 3.05pm), we were already late...

Following a hastily written apology, the host responded to say she'd leave written instructions at the house & not to forget that the clocks would also move forward an hour at 2am in the morning.

In less than 24 hours we'd 'lose' two hours.  Would we ever get them back?

We drove towards Seville & followed the motorway across the river to the South of the city with just an hour left of our journey to the coast & estury of the Guadalquivir river.  We were amazed at just how flat the landscape was, with fields extending for miles.  Closer to Sanlucar, there were low rolling hills with no hedgerows or substantial trees, few towns or turnoffs from the main road.

Typical to Spain, it was a well-maintained fast road, but both Rob & I agreed the journey seemed to be one of the longest hours we'd experienced!

In the end, after following Google Maps through Sanlucar to the house without problem, the host was there with her hubby & to help translate, their son-in-law & two lovely grandaughters.

We emptied the car & dumped everything in the house, cracked open the two bottles of Sagres beer we'd brought, then Googled direcions to the nearest supermarket to fetch provisions.  A qickly cooked meal later & we were in our new home for the next month.

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Knowledgeseeker said:
30 March 2019 @ 07:30

Thanks, I love your updates, please keep it up! Very interesting.

anthomo16 said:
30 March 2019 @ 09:08

You're having an interesting time. Unfortunately the weather has not been the usual over the past year or so as is happening all over the world.
Where I am in Nueva Andalucia it usually rains in November but you can have lovely Christmases walking around in tshirts and then February is the other rainy month - but due the world wide weather changes we cannot now forcast with any exactness (?) if you know what I mean.
Just lately we have been experiencing tremendous winds this is unusual. 3 weeks ago some renters were by the pool in their bikinis but now it appears to have gone back to February weather.
I'm not sure where you are but if you go slightly inland in the Costa del Sol, and I mean just a few miles then you have wonderful walks and mointains. The backdrop from my bedroom window is the gorgeous La Concha .
Enjoy Spain is beautiful and the history fantastic.

CELTS said:
30 March 2019 @ 15:03

Hi Anthomo16,

How long have you lived in Spain, please?

I am in the Charente and am getting fed up with French prices continually on the rise on everything, so am thinking of moving to Spain but don't know anything about the country, people, taxes, cost of living, is it best to go rural or stay in town?

Looking forward to hearing from you



nancybenn said:
01 April 2019 @ 05:47

Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated.

@anthomo16 - the weather has been weird hasn't it? There's more updates to be added to our journey last year, but we did stay a while in Malaga Campo last summer & loved it, especially as our house had wonderful views! We spent time exploring both the coast & the interior together with trips to historical cities such as Cordoba & Granada. However, the hot summer weather unexpectedly turned very wet very suddenly in September & we were flooded. this winter has been more like I'd hoped for last year, being milder, sunnier & drier :-)

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