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My health Business

I am a full-time Health Sciences lecturer in a college in N.Ireland. I lecture on medical conditions,physiology and Anatomy. A while back I started to develop my own blog on natural remedies for many of the medical conditions out there.As medical conditions is a huge field to write about I have started this blog on Eye on Spain to share some information on the not so common and often Wierd conditions that we never like to talk about!

Embarassing and Sometimes Wierd Illnesses
06 June 2015 @ 12:10


we all know about those illnesses that are just too embarassing to talk about. The ones where some of us just do not even want to go into the chemist and get the prescription.

Well because of the job that I do ....Health science lecturer  thoughts have turned to doing a series of articles on these  sometimes wierd and sometimes embarassing conditions that  just do not get that much attention in the chat rooms !

Where do we start and what will we talk about....

 lets do a summary of where I am going with this and what  conditions we will look at.

Nasal Polyps




Keratosis Pilaris

I am sure there is more ....but will start with those.

My next post will be on Nasal Polyps .....What are they?





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