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Retired - What's that ?

My attempts at not retiring

Retire-What's That ?
Saturday, September 17, 2022 @ 6:57 PM

Surely it's  time that you retired, my family and friends keep asking me.?

Well I decided a long time ago that retirement wasn't for me, I enjoy working, and I really do enjoy keeping busy.

So for more than 10 years I've kept involved working with various voluntary organisations and I've run English classes for local Spanish people who needed help with practising English.

But I really needed to do something different, a project that would use my experience and knowledge and keep me active.

So recently I opened a Museum,' Blimey'  I hear you say, that's not what I expected ' !

It took me about 12 months to sort and arrange my massive eclectic collection of vintage and antique items,lots of display cabinets and displays, most from my own personal collection started when I was age six, so more than 70 years of hoarding ,I'm told..

I'm lucky that we live in a fairly large modern town house, bags of space at ground floor level and we live comfortably above, so whenever I feel like working  I just 'pop' downstairs,'' keeps him out of mischief'' my lovely wife tells everyone.

Covid shut down gave me a perfect opportunity to really put my heart and soul into my latest project and it actually came together quickly during the final stages, no interruptions, and even our neighbours didn't have a clue what I was doing.

I really immersed myself in cleaning and preparing my exhibits and I spent many hours researching and refreshing my knowledge, and now my museum has over  1000 exhibits of Social History with a hugh time span from prehistory to the 1980's.

My exhibits range from coins to clothing, covering all types of social history , with quite a big section of Militaria and clothing from early Victorian to Mid Twentieth Century, something for everyone many visitors tell me..

I've tried to include exhibits which will interest all ages and gender, and I'm so pleased when I watch my visitors pointing at exhibits and stating ''my Mum, Dad, Grandad, Grandma etc., had one like that '', many memories reactivated and new memories started, and I hear laughter and have noted a few tears in eyes.

Since I  opened about 6 months ago I've had over 1000 visitors, individuals, couples, small parties and large parties, 75% non locals from all parts of Spain and the world, and I've really enjoyed every minute of it.!

Luckily  in our lovely large village / small town we have a recently discovered 'Villa Romana', a fantastic Roman Villa complex which still has many treasures to discover, only a fraction of the beautiful mosaics have been uncovered, but all really fabulous, well worth a visit.

So many of the Roman Villa visitors arrive at my museum, a little extra bonus for them and we also have in the village a Arab watch tower and a Palacio, at present under renovation, and I must also mention our beautiful church with so much history from sad and happy times.

I must mention that my museum really is only my hobby / pastime, I don't charge any entry fee but I do have a collection box for anyone to add a few coins to help with my other projects, such as helping our local dog and cat rescue group.

 May I suggest that if you are retired ( at whatever age ),  you could take up a little hobby, maybe not a museum, but you probably all have skills and knowledge that you could pass on, what about starting a little group ,so many subjects available, it really doesn't matter about your age, just do what you feel comfortable with..

Museo Gordon is situated at La Parata, no 1, Salar, Granada Province ,18310 and it's open by appointment ,most days and times  available.

Please contact by message or what's app on number 650 359 557, if you wish to visit.

Entrance is direct from the street , just one small step - for the museum...and mankind !.

Wheelchair friendly and plenty of seats for you to relax.

Toilet facilities available.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you...




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anthomo16 said:
Saturday, September 24, 2022 @ 9:30 AM

What a wonderful thing to do. You have so much energy both mental and physical - long may it keep up. I wish I lived nearer as would love to see this.

Museo-Gordon said:
Monday, September 26, 2022 @ 2:51 PM

Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.
My energy levels are not as strong as they were but I pace myself carefully and will keep going as long as I can.

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