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Losing My Patience!!
30 September 2009 @ 17:47

I am now starting to get more than a little hacked off with the situation we all find ourselves in here.

Our illustrious (former) president STILL refuses to hand over any keys either to the person who got voted in or to the three independant reps who were elected on the night.

This woman is a TOTAL DISGRACE and should be very ashamed of her actions. We are now as a community, being held to ransom, but I think she may find that the worm is about to turn..

I am now definately going to be looking into taking out a personal denuncia against her and the administrator as I believe that they were in cahoots from the beginning. Our 'president' certainly has her own agenda but in reality I think that she has been nothing but a puppet for the last 12 months.

I really need to calm down.....

Weather today is bit of a mixed bag - at the moment it is bright, but we have had a little bit of rain (although nothing like Sunday and Monday).


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