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Swimming Lessons offered in Marbella. Swim Lessons in Spanish, Russian and English. Private or Group lessons. Fitness especially during pregnancy, learn to swim for babies and also adults! Fun activities in water - water gymnastics, swimming lessons in the sea, anti stress program using water therapy. Contact 617 759 078

Top 5 Reasons to start Swimming this Winter
16 November 2011 @ 10:59

When Winter starts most people think they can no longer enjoy swimming. I will give you 5 top reasons why Swimming could be one of the best sports in the Winter especially in Marbella!


We live in the area of Marbella. This area of Spain in the province of  Andalusia has tropical climate most of the year. However in November to January it does get a little cold.  For some brave ones they can still enjoy a swim in the sea almost all year. But when  the Rainy  Season starts we find our fitness activities are very limited. We cannot run, cycle or  even enjoy our walk in the sand of the beautiful beaches of Andalusia.

At this time I find that the heated swimming pools become priceless! You may be wondering where can I find a heated swimming pool? Well if you leave in the area of Marbella or Estepona Marbella Swimming Club offers fantastic facilities where children and adults enjoy a luxurious heated swimming pool in a 5 star urbanisation.

Most people love to enjoy a warm bath during the rainy and cold season. How much better would putting in some exercise to keep fit during the rainy season be and especially in a heated pool – YOU MUST TRY !!!  

Look out for the Second reason why you should start swimming this winter in our article next week... !


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