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Living in Spain...the reality

You have probably dreamt of living the dream in Spain with a lifestyle based on your hoilday experiences, but what is it really like?

coming soon...The way it is
08 October 2010

This blog site will create waves or comments, some in agreement and some not, but isn't that exactly what a blog site should do?  Many people who moved to Spain have tried to rekindle their relationships, live the dream life or even hide from past regrets but I KNOW the real 'them' will eventually come out and it is true...Leopards can't change their spots.   My content will be based on 5 years living in Spain, I made an effort and can speak Spanish. experienced the very best and worse that can happen and I put a lot of money in the pockets of the Spanish...but was I ever invited to a Spanish Bar-B-Q?

The ex-pat is like the new person at school first we all want to look at their flashy pencil case, but we find the pencils are the same, we listen to their stories until we discover that they are lies and then we just accept they are no different to any other kid...we will either like them or we wont.  Post your subjects and lets get going.


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