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Lost Property Deposit In Spain Community

This blog is a point of contact for those affected like me who trusted the Spanish legal conveyancing sytsem and got let down badly...very badly! I mean putting down a deposit for a property and then it not being built and the developer and bank just walking away with it! Sounds criminal doesn't it? Its gone on far too long but now we are seeing results...but its never too late so I created a social network for us to connect on. That was closed down so now I have a blog to update you on at the new website address of

New Blog Location on Reclaiming Your Spanish Off Plan Deposit
06 December 2017 @ 19:47

The social platform (.fm) I had was unfortunately closed down as the host went out of business. So I have now started a separate blog instead to chart out progress as a group where we are having successes now in getting our money back. We are just consumers but we have learnt a lot as we have gone along, and especially to do with avoiding getting money claimed back only for the lawyer to take a massive amount from it! You often don't realise that until iti s too late, it usualy works out much more than what you expected or the percentage you were told. I can explain more on the blog and will be doing. If you do it right though, you can end up with more money back that your original property deposit that you lost (I mean in your own pocked!).

The blog address is a long one.... so better click on it... or if that doesn't work then copy and paste it into your browser!

It is


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