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Lost Deposits

The blog is about and for people like us who have put down a deposit on a property which hasn't been built.

Lost Deposits
17 November 2012 @ 14:39

Hi one and all.

If you're like me then you've become terminally frustrated with all things Spanish. Their builders, their banks, their government, their lawyers and the fact that they cannot answer a simple question EVER. We put down a deposit and then a stage payment to Ingofersa in 2004 for a 2 bedroom apartment on their Bouganvilla development  at Garrucha and this, of course, never got built. Since then we've heard all sorts of things and the latest plan to sue the banks seem to be working as the Finca Parcs Action Group have proved. The bank in question (CAM) have appealed though. The latest we have is that we received a letter from Ingofersa's administrators dated 11/Sept. We haven't been able to have the letter translated so don't really know what it says.

Maybe it's time we formed a Bouganvilla/Ingofersa Action Group of our own. Does anyone out there think this is a good idea ?

It's probably the only way we are going to get any money back.


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eggcup said:
17 November 2012 @ 15:06

I'd say the first thing is to get the letter translated. There must be someone on this Forum who could do that for you; someone with a bit of legal nous as well, hopefully. Why don't you ask by posting it as a new thread on the Forum section, as I suspect more people look at that section (although I'm not sure). You could then maybe scan it in to your computer and send it to them?? I wish you good luck with your efforts at getting justice.

Patricia (Campana) said:
17 November 2012 @ 20:54

I agree with Eggcup, Timmo. First step: have that letter translated, correctly.

Then I feel you will need to contact all the purchasers at the development you mention, and between you engage the services of a lawyer.

David Pérez said:
21 November 2012 @ 15:31

We have successfully claimed back part payments paid to developers for innumerous clients and this has been accomplished via the banks which financed the real estate developments.Just for a small fee to start. Once the case has concluded, should we be successful in obtaining your deposit, a variable retribution of x % of the amounts obtained would be applicable as

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