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The journey to Spain

Moving from S.Wales, Uk to Costa del Sol.
Leaving home, friends, family, pets and children !
Setting up our own cafe/bar.

Tock Tick
Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well Well (that's a welsh sayin)......
Gosh in a week so much has changed, the house still continues to be moving on with great speed !!!
The SOLD sign is up, we have sold some excessive furniture and decided to keep a few things, like the car.

We have a Toyota Rav4 and have decided to drive down with it then look at changing to spanish plates etc, it will be a good car for the warehouse deliveries etc, the only thing I am worried about is as it is a right hand drive will I find it difficult driving the opposite way to everyone else !!!! Any thoughts ?????? 

The Tock Tick means the turnaround of our situation, we initially had just me and my husband moving but my life never ceases to amaze me, I now have 4 children coming with us AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Well when I say children two 18 yr old, 16 yr old and the 13 yr old.   The 3 eldest will be helping us working the cafe which is a fab bonus, although my poor 16yr old wants to do her A levels but her pig of a father has told her she has to move out to Spain with me as he has no room for her in his life ................ PIG and many other words I cannot put on here.   But my thoughts are she could do her A levels through Open University, take a gap year or so learn Spanish before she goes to Uni to do Speach therapy by then she will have 4 languages, Welsh, English, French  and Spanish so it may work out well...... again any thoughts???????
The two 18yr old are boyfriend and girlfriend just finished college and ready for a gap year....F A B

My problem is my lovely adorable 13yr old son, which school do I send him to, I have not budgeted for the cost of the international schools which he really needs to attend, he is not academic either, OH HECK
Any thoughts?????????

As for me and my hubby we are well confuzzed  and I have been unwell with food poison !!!!
Flamin heck something is really trying to test us........ Manyana (spelt wrong probably)  I really need that now !

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Tick Tock
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi and Hola

I am currently in the process of selling my house, furniture and altogether changing my life.
I am 39 the big 40 next year in Spain, whooooooah, party, party !
At the moment the sale of my house is going through nicely, I am very fortunate as now really is not the time to sell in the UK.  We do have a beautiful unique house and would not be selling it if it was not for the adventure we are about to take.
I am currently still working in S.Wales in a college but have to admit I feel as if my head in everywhere BUT....BUTT being the operative word !!!
My daughter is 16 on Monday and last Sunday moved out to live with her father as she does not want to move to Spain.
Gosh I broke my heart, I sobbed, cried, drank Strongbow by the river (our land joins onto the river) looked like a panda and starting thinkin am I doing the right thing.    My friends said tho no matter when your children leave you will always feel like I did.
My son will be 13 on Tuesday and at the moment is undecided if he is coming with us or not, BUT i have not even looked at schools so I think I may have a problem there........ any advice...

The story continues...

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