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Why living in Spain is fun.

We always read about the negatives of living in Spain so lets here why you enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and why you would never return to the UK.

What makes Spain so appealing!
18 March 2009 @ 16:24

Like so many of us, we thought Spain had it all!

Well it does, Great Weather, Great Beaches, Great Food, Great Country. The Spanish in general can appear a little offish at times, but is it really them!.There country is plagued with foreigners that dont bother or even want to learn there language so is it any wonder they sometimes feel the way they do?. My wife and I started to take Spanish lessons within the first 6 months of living here, and although i am far from fluent, i manage to get by and have made many Spanish friends, When you attempt or try to speak Spanish you will find that they will try and speak a little English or if not they will help you with any mis-pronounsiation, trying to speak there language can be fun.

Life in Spain over the past 6 years has had its ups and downs but in general has been as exciting as the day we arrived, yes at first it was the language barrier then the way the system works and so on, but with a little perciverence life in Spain can be lots of fun.

We could never make any long term commitments in the UK or decide on what to do in 2 weeks time as you can here.Our social life in Spain is by far more exciting as well as having a much larger circle of friends, especially during the long summer months. If you are the type that likes seclution then you can also find it here.

Over the past year we have seen many of our friends return to there own country as the pound drops even further and there pensions are no longer enough to live on, working in Spain can sometimes be a little difficult especially if you are dependent on an extra income but for those fortunate enough to have an indepemdent income or a good pension then life in Spain cannot be beaten

Although prices have krept up over the past few years in general it is still by far cheaper to live healthier n Spain than the UK.

Everything from Beer and Petrol to Vets is less expensive here in Spain.

2009 could not be a better time to buy a property with house prices at there lowest they have been in a very long time, even Rentals at the moment are at an all time low. Your monthly pension definatly goes further here in Spain than it does in the UK, ok you probably cant do many of the things you used to be able to do 3 or 4 years back but then you cant in the UK, if i had to cut back i know where i would rather be at least you can go to the beach or up into the mountains for a pick nik, for this you dont need any money. Like i said i know which country i would rather live in. Please let me know what your thoughts are.

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Jeanie said:
19 March 2009 @ 09:28

I like what you've said, and you have given me much to look forward to and i thank you.

Lawrence said:
29 March 2009 @ 12:43

my best memories are of family holidays in spain when i was 7+ years of age, i am now 49 years of age and have the good fortune to be running a Hotel on the Costa Blanca Coast (Cabo Roig). What makes Spain is the fiestas which take place all year round, the fiestas bring together all nationalities, of course the sunny climate helps, the Spanish people are some of the friendliest people you could wish to meet, especially if you can speak their language.

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