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One of the most important factors when purchasing a property in Spain
Wednesday, June 16, 2021 @ 12:00 PM


When you are on the hunt for a property in Spain, the first things we tend to focus on are obviously the location, price, size, and most likely the state of the property. However, there is another incredibly important factor in buying a house in Spain that so many people seem to completely ignore or completely underestimate. This is the property's orientation. Knowing how many hours of sunlight the house will get at different times of the year can make a huge difference to how much you will enjoy your house or more importantly your flat. Making the wrong decision could mean rendering your terrace or balcony useless in the summer because it is way too hot and gets no crosswind while at the same time useless in winter as it is always damp and takes days to dry.  So let's take a look at each orientation to find out which orientation is best in different situations and regions:

North facing: If a property in Spain faces north, you will only enjoy the sun's rays in summer, specifically in the early morning and late afternoon. This orientation is recommended in areas with a hot climate for most of the year. However, in winter you will get no direct sunlight at all and thus can get rather cold. Central heating will almost definitely be a must practically anywhere in Spain.

North-east facing: This orientation will allow you to enjoy the sun until midday for most of the year, but not in winter. For this reason, it is not recommended for cold areas or areas with high humidity. In winter your terrace will get no direct sun and thus it will take days on end for it to dry after mopping it.

East facing: This is probably the best option for those who want the sun shining in for breakfast. When east facing the house gets its sunlight almost all year round from sunrise to midday. It is definitely an option to bear in mind if the property is located in a hot region and you want to enjoy cooler afternoons with no direct sunlight - assuming you are looking at apartments or terraced houses. It is without a doubt the best orientation if you are thinking of buying a property on the east coast, for example in Costa Blanca close to the beach. This will also mean that you will get the afternoon cross-breeze from the sea coming in from the east.

South-east facing: In this case, you will get most of your sunshine during the winter and, specifically, from just before midday until well into the afternoon. The rest of the year, on the other hand, sunlight is greatly reduced. However, this is one of the best orientations, as it warms the house in winter and is not too hot in summer, but again, depending on where you live in the country. 

South facing: You will enjoy the sun in autumn, winter and spring, while in summer only during the middle of the day, unfortunatley, the hottest hours of the day. For this reason, a property with a south orientation is recommended for places where it is quite cold all year round and perhaps not the best choice for anywhere in the country. If you do live in a hot region it will basically mean air conditioning 24 hours a day in the summer, but no central heating for most of the winter.

South-west facing: In this case, the sun shines from midday to sunset in spring, summer and autumn, while in winter it shines most of the day.

West facing: This orientation is recommended for moderately cold climates, as the house will receive sun almost all year round from noon to sunset, including the summer, once again, perhaps not the best option for the hottest areas of Spain as it will make the afternoons very uncomfortable.

North-west facing: Between spring and autumn the sun will shine on the property throughout the afternoon until sunset, although in winter it will only shine for a very short time and will only receive sunlight towards the end of the afternoon. 

This is something you really need to have clear before you settle on a property. Because once you are living there it is probably the only thing that can never be modified. Take time to study the best orientation for you and don't underestimate how important it is in Spain, it can make or break a property.

The following website tool simulates the movement of the sun in any location, and therefore you can estimate the light and shadow that that house will have all year round by selecting different dates throughout the year. Using the touchscreen on your phone find your location and then click on the button 3D, you can then adjust the date and the time of day to see how the sun moves in relation to your property.





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