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Landlord Blues: Renting out the house from hell

I am using this blog to publish extracts from my third book on the subject of dealing with tenants from hell. The aim of the book and blog is to give people an insight into what the life of a landlord can be like and to provide tips for making landlords’ lives easier. This is done by describing real experiences of our worst-case scenarios. This should help you avoid getting into the same fixes.

We're responsible for Jason's behaviour (he's not)
31 March 2014 @ 18:53

I relayed the conversation then to Okie, pointing out how Jason was refusing to leave and we couldn't make him. A text correspondence was then struck up

Me (14.20):
I've spoken to the police. They need to know if you were a witness to the damage of the door – i.e. who did it? And also, has  Jason made any specific threats towards you? It is also worth thinking whether you think anything he has done to you is racist as that would also be a crime. He wasn’t in when we went earlier but has ‘phoned since and indicated he will probably not leave today as he has nowhere to go. We will be coming around this evening to see him and urge him to leave.
Okie (15.57):
Ok. Thanks. He has his cousins place to go to so he has no excuse really. The damage of the door – I and him live in the same house and it’s not me that did it so that leaves him.  Jason hasn’t made any specific threats towards me, but he moved around with the kitchen knife in the house and he is perpetually drunk and on drugs. He could use it on me any time as am the only one in the house.
Okie (16.01):
I will simply go on Twitter and express my frustrations of the police on Twitter so if anything happens to me, at least the public will know I made mention of it. The door and the whole damage in the house was done by  Jason – a police shouldn’t expect me to capture him on video or something while he is doing such. Peter was much better as he only drinks.  Jason drinks and takes drugs and carries a knife.
Okie (16.04):
Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been at work. 
Me (16.06):
Okie. The only reason the police wondered about the door was because  Jason said he had friends around who got out of hand, so he might say it was one of them who did it. The police would obviously like to speak to you and have suggested we could meet them not at the house so that you could speak openly to them. They said an officer will ring me in 24-48 hours, but that if anything threatening happens we should ring 999 immediately. Thanks for the info about the cousin. I didn’t know about him/her. Are you back at the house now?
Okie (19.05):
I am not back in the house till late. Am finishing late from work. Am having an important career meeting tomorrow which I have to prepare for. May sleep somewhere else because I am really worried living in the same house with him. If Peter was there it would be better, but it’s just me and him.
Me (19.41):
We just went to the house.  Jason says he’s got nowhere to go. We’ve told him we will be coming back with the police. It will be a lot easier to get him out if you are willing to talk to the police as well. We’ll keep trying to get him out asap. He was quite calm when we went to the house and was vacuuming. We cleaned the kitchen earlier. We will keep you informed regarding the police.
Okie (20.46):
I will be around from 3pm tomorrow. And yes, I can speak to the police then. He’s got his friends’ place to go and some place he stays out in the weekends. He was calm when you were there, but when he takes his drugs and drinks, it’s a nightmare. I literally lock myself in my room or go to church or stay late at work. The destruction he did yesterday, he can do worse. I’ll speak to the cops tomorrow.
Okie (20.43):
Thank you
Okie (21.59):
I am home now and so so frightened. If anything happens to me, at least I’ve made the reason public to you a long time ago.
I didn’t like that last one. He had never said anything about feeling threatened by  Jason before now. He had been annoyed at his smoking because of his asthma and we’d given  Jason a final warning on that and he had gone on and on about the vacuum cleaner, while we tried to get  Jason to replace it. Now, we were somehow to blame for Jason’s behaviour. There was the implication that we could somehow be ‘got’ for all of this or that we would be responsible for his death. Actually, no-one was forcing him to stay; he could move out whenever he wanted, but he didn’t want to, because although  Jason was a pain, Okie liked the cheap rent. That proved that he hadn't been living in constant fear… I considered delivering a riposte, but Adrian advised against. Okie then rang just after 10pm, whispering rather dramatically that he was home and couldn’t find the kitchen knife. He thought Jason had left the bread-knife in the bathroom, as a message to him. That's why we’d left it on the toilet floor for the police to see if they came, I told Okie. ‘Oh, I’ll look for it now and text you,’ he replied.
Okie (22.05): 
Seen it.
By then, I’d switched the ‘phone off. We were trying to watch ‘Inspector Montalbano,’ and I was worried sick about a member of my family, who seemed to be having some sort of meltdown. It was time to turn my attention back to my family. So I got the ast message the following morning.
I was also worried about Adrian; he was really put out. Luckily, the next day, he went off for his acupuncture at 2pm. I thought that might calm him down a bit. On the other hand, it would probably be wasted as he would get worked up again later when we had to go back to Hill View. Earlier in the day he had also rung  Jason’s sister, Melanie, about it all and she said she’d washed her hands of him, too. She told  Adrian: ‘I said to him, you’d better behave yourself. You’re never going to get a landlord as good as  Adrian again. And now he’s blown it. Well, if I was you I would get the police. I wouldn’t stand for it either, wrecking your house.’



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GuyT said:
31 March 2014 @ 19:39

why do you bother will all this nonsense??? unless you make such a lot of money, which it doesn't sound like?

eggcup said:
01 April 2014 @ 20:14

Actually, we do make a lot of money out of it; but along with the good investments there are always some duds. And some houses give a good return for years and then for a while turn into duds. That's business. The difference is that I write about the difficult houses and tenants - and we've learnt the hard way. We have no houses like this now, but in the past we sometimes felt sorry for someone and/or believed their lies when they wanted to move into one of our houses. A lot of lessons can be learnt from these experiences and thus others can avoid going down the same route. F
I consider this to be far better than glossing over the difficult aspects of business as though they don't exist. What use would that be to anyone, other than to mislead them that renting out houses is plain sailing?

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