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Landlord Blues: Renting out the house from hell

I am using this blog to publish extracts from my third book on the subject of dealing with tenants from hell. The aim of the book and blog is to give people an insight into what the life of a landlord can be like and to provide tips for making landlords’ lives easier. This is done by describing real experiences of our worst-case scenarios. This should help you avoid getting into the same fixes.

'You've wrecked our house, so get out!'
20 March 2014 @ 18:54

It was now  the last week of August and Adrian was back in Wales. He had been working non-stop over the summer, although keeping fairly civilised hours. It was a case of walking the dog between 9am and 10am, then a bit of paperwork, followed by a coffee whilst he caught up on texts in the ‘Cafe Cwtch’ or a Greek-Cypriot café he liked in Cardiff. One afternoon, he had the pleasure of also dropping into Hill View, where the conversation went like this:
Jason: ‘I’m heavily sedated. I’m sleeping all the time.'
Adrian: ‘Look at this mess at the back of the house.’
Jason: ‘Uh, I paid Peter to clean it up. I gave him four cans. I ain’t doing it after paying four cans.’
Miraculously, the laundry room had been tidied.
Adrian: ‘What about the vacuum cleaner? You said you were going to get a replacement?’
Jason: ‘Yeah, it’s up my mate’s house.’
Adrian: ‘Well, get it here then.’ 
A couple of days later the conversation continued via text.
Adrian (7.63am, 27 August):
Jason. Can you confirm you have replaced the vacuum cleaner as promised. 
Jason (10.02am, 2 September):
Ive got a new vacation for u. im picking it up tonight so it will be in the house in the morning. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Jason. 7
Adrian (12.09, 2 September):
Ok  Jason. Okie keeps texting me about a replacement so please make sure u do as u say.
Jason (12.15, 2 September):
I promise. Ive already got it but its up my g.f.s house im going up there this afternoon to collect it. It’s a good one 2. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Jason (15.45, 6 September):
Im off down my m8s tonight to get a lift to collect the vacume cleaner and put my printer on amazon to pay off my dues. Sorry for the delay.  Jason.
Adrian (10.49am, 7 September):
Jason. It has taken u 3 weeks. Have u done it yet? Also I will speak to u next week about your progress in moving out. I need to get house sorted.
When he eventually brought the cleaner, it didn’t have any attachments, just the long pipe. Apparently it did suck but it was out of the ark. 
Adrian's verdict: 'As usual with  Jason it's rubbish, like he is. That’s the story of his life.'
On 10 September, once more, the place was in turmoil. We had 16 missed calls from Okie between 8.40am and 9.25am. They were missed because we assumed he wanted to moan about the vacuum cleaner. In the end he texted to say the house had been wrecked during the night.
Adrian rang  Jason. 
‘Okie ’s been in touch and said you’ve trashed the house. What have you done?’  
Jason said, ‘I had some mates around at the weekend and it got a bit out of control.’ 
‘Well, I’ve had a gutsful of you and I want you out by the end of today or I’ll be getting the police involved,’  Adrian replied.  Jason then started to speak but  Adrian didn’t know what he said because he was too angry to listen. 
‘Get out!’ he repeated, ‘or I’ll get you for criminal damage. I’m coming up.’



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