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La Vida Buena

Experiencing the good life in Spain on the Costa Blanca. Semi-retired Dutch/American couple on a budget, blogging about places we visit, foods we try, wines we like, places we stay. Follow us for our view on the good life in Spain.

Benidorm - our home base
05 September 2015 @ 17:15

Benidorm.  I think you either love it or leave it.  We happen to love Benidorm.  My husband and I have both been coming here for years, though my husband for many years before me.  He came to Benidorm as a child with his parents from the Netherlands and kept coming back off and on over the past 50 years.  He watched the city grow and expand and remembers things "the way they used to be" when he was a kid.    

I, on the other hand, made my first visit to Benidorm less than 10 years ago.  Being from the USA, my previous trips to Spain before that, were short city trips to the major cities of Barcelona and Madrid.  I never made it to the coastal areas at all until I came back with my husband for a holiday in 2006.  Immediately fell in love with Benidorm and the Costa Blanca area.  And since then, we've started coming back regularly, looking around for a small place to buy and last year, we found what we were looking for and decided to try living the good life in Spain during the winter months.  

We like the big city feeling and the constant buzz of activity in Benidorm. Yes, there are some areas we avoid.  Too many drunk Brits can get old real fast (for an American anyway wink)   But there are so many great restuarants and the beaches are wonderful.  Benidorm is a great location for us with easy access to other areas of Spain, which we hope to start exploring this winter. 

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GuyT said:
08 September 2015 @ 17:17

It's great to hear a positive spin on a town much maligned, often by people who've never been there. I was there once, for a day, two years ago, and was very pleasantly surprised - especially by the architecture.

I'd be interested in reading a comparison with similar-sized American/Mexican resorts you are familiar with (from cost/quality of accommodation/food/stuff to do, etc).

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