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Justin's Life

Welcome to my new blog. I plan to write about all sorts of things here, my life in Spain, ineresting things and ideas I've come across, places I've visited and so much more. Hope you enjoy it and please leave comments as your input is always appreciated.

Doing something you love as an expat in Spain
30 January 2012 @ 15:43

My good friend Chris Marshall recently wrote an article for the Telegraph website title "Doing something you love is the secret to expat happiness" which those looking to move to Spain and setting up a business here should read.

It's tough enough setting yourself up in business but it's so much easier to do it when it's about something you love or a topic which you are passionate about.

I also get mentioned in the article so it's worth reading just for that really

And if you're wondering who this Chris Marshall guy is, well, in addition to his Telegraph Expat column Chris runs a couple of expat blogs ( and, is heavily involved in his wires cat re-homing and transport project (, and pays the bills contributing to a number of sites including the Word Wide holiday rental specialists and the holiday lettings in Spain specialists.

Chris Marshall

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Spain Travel and Tourism Guide said:
10 February 2012 @ 22:46

Really enjoying the blog, great articles and interesting info thoughout. Look forward to going through all the posts.

Foxilady said:
25 March 2012 @ 19:05

Brilliant article and I totally agree Chris. I guess the problem for most people is finding their bliss. Men are more hobby orientated than women, so that helps them in many ways. Every time I come to Spain I observe more and more ex pats in the bars day and night, and that cannot be very fulfilling. This in itself made me question my own life, and the lack of a hobby, apart from shopping and sitting outside a cafe people watching. I have therefore decided to take pottery lessons twice a week, as this is something I have on and off for many years thought about doing; you could say since that movie Ghost, since then I have often pondered the idea with some passion. Well now it's going to be a reality and I reckon as my partner and I don't know where we will wash up, it's something I can pursue and hopefully enjoy. In fact I believe as we get older it is vital that we have a passion, something that truly keeps us alive and happy. So thanks for the article Chris I really enjoyed it.

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