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Justin's Life

Welcome to my new blog. I plan to write about all sorts of things here, my life in Spain, ineresting things and ideas I've come across, places I've visited and so much more. Hope you enjoy it and please leave comments as your input is always appreciated.

Apple Store Marbella
12 September 2011 @ 12:27

I was reading this morning that Apple is opening a new "Apple Store" in La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella.

It's supposed to be the largest of their stores in Spain and they are looking to employ around 65 staff (although it seems most of the jobs are probably already taken!).

The store will open in November and no doubt they will have some massive Apple-style fanfare on opening.

Apple Stores seem to generate massive buzz so this news can only be incredibly good for Marbella and especially the La Cañada shopping centre.

It's good to report on something positive for a change .  Let's just hope it is a real one and not one of those fake stores like in China

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Robin said:
12 September 2011 @ 18:39

That is marbella mac solutions down the drain then!

justin said:
13 September 2011 @ 01:28

Robin, No I don't think so, MMS has never been a retail shop. MMS has always been post sales and we focus on real world problems, classes, etc. With a database of over 4000 people, I think having a real apple store and not just a small retail shop with no parking, it will be a boom for us... more people buying macs,more mac people looking for personal service and not just your average retail tech support. Yes I am sure a lot of people will go there but those looking for expert advise and will always come to where they they can get experts to help them. Justin

Robin said:
13 September 2011 @ 23:25

Yes, of course more people will buy Macs if there is an Apple shop (doh) but they'll get their after-service and expert advice directly from Apple in Marbella too. Why would they go anywhere else if they do it all? A person with a Mac problem will take it back to the shop they bought it from.... I would.

Justin said:
14 September 2011 @ 01:37

yes, I agree... you would take it back if you have a hardware problem... but not if you want to learn, or need special needs, or need a server installed, etc, I can can go on and on here... its hard for a retail clerk... or someone who has very little real world experience to tell you what the best options are for you.... Its like a personal trainer for a gym... yes you can always find people in the gym to help you but its the people that don't work for the gym that know what they are doing... 25 years experience. I am not saying they won't know, I am sure they will try to help and be very energetic... but they will be more interested in selling you a new computer than actually trying to get to the root of what your wanting to accomplish... If you have ever been to an Apple store they are great... but I have many a client, that say they just didn't get it... or were to quick with the client.... and when they come back to us, they the service they needed.... Don't get me wrong... I am totally excited about it... I think it will be great for Marbella and the whole of La Cañada... I am just saying from your original comment "Marbella Mac Solutions down the drain" is completely wrong... we will strive and only get bigger... we will be a compliment to the store... and people looking for specialized help will find it. Corte Ingles, Fnac and Benotac (since moved out of Marbella), not to mention Golden Mac, Projecto mac (pushed out by benotac), Media Mart, Newtons in Gib, all sell macs and NONE of them have hurt our business... it only gets stronger... we do not advertise and nor do we need to... all of our clients are from referrals... and its there that the rubber hits the road...

Carl Norman said:
14 September 2011 @ 06:25

Hey Justin,

I will give you all the support I can my mate, I hate smart many of them in Marbella!!

Craig Edmonds said:
14 September 2011 @ 08:56

I am looking forward to seeing the proper Apple Store. I was pretty pissed off the other day that I walked all the way down to the Benotac Mac Shop only to find that it had bloody closed down. Another example of small time Marbella business not being able to cope. A Mac Store will be a great boost to the Marbella Mac community and will be a great compliment to the great mac people here like Justin and other well known and established mac support people.

Dave Porter said:
14 September 2011 @ 09:08

Slightly confusing this with two Justin's posting. Justin A, yes it is a real Apple store, not a fake one at all. Apple already have three store in Spain two in Madrid and one in Barcelona. They are currently recruiting staff for the new stores opening in Valencia, a second on in Barcelona, a third one in Madrid and the store at La Cañada. I'm not sure where Justin M gets November from, I'd heard late September or October, but November might be right. It could be before then as they have had the store for a while now and can have it ready, perhaps they don't yet have enough staff.

Justin M. I have been in many Apple Store in Europe and America, and have been to two store openings. I think this store will affect the MMS business, so I think you need to look at it carefully. The Apple Store DO provide much more that just sales, the staff are all trained in everything to do with Apple and the guys in the genius bar are very good, even I, a 20 year Mac veteran, have been able to learn from them. So for sales and training, the Mac Store it is. It will also be the place to go for warrantee or repairs, and the have dedicated business staff too. So you need to look at what you can do to compliment what they do and work on it. It could be great for you, having an AppleStore in Marbella can only expend Mac ownership, so there could be many potential new customers for MMS. Good luck!

Dave Porter said:
14 September 2011 @ 09:56

Update: I've just read the story in Diario Sur, and that are saying November for the opening. Apple, of course, are famous for saying nothing at all about new products or store openings in advance, so the November date can only be speculation. It might informed speculation perhaps, but no more than that. They are working on the store, the next step will be that an apple logo will appear on the black hoarding currently hiding the store, then about a week up front, and no earlier than that, the opening date will be announced. Form an orderly queue, i do!

Rob Isaacs said:
14 September 2011 @ 10:50

In the real world we all need proper after sales service - you will never get this from a shop - have you ever tried to get through on the phone ? I feel the MMS service is second to none and I only wish it was available everywhere in the world that I travel

Justin EOS said:
14 September 2011 @ 16:14

This is getting confusing with more than one Justin on here!

I'm sure Justin M and his business will be fine. There are plenty of small PC independent shops and they aren't totally impacted by the larger outlets such as Worten, FNAC, etc.

And Dave, orderly queue? This is Spain, it will just be more like an extremely wide queue with no logical start or finish! And anyone is allowed to jump their way to what could be perceived to be the head of it.

Dave Porter said:
15 September 2011 @ 00:56

Justin, you've obviously never been to an Apple event before!

Justin Menchen said:
15 September 2011 @ 02:01

hahaha... now I'm confused... which Justin is which??? LOL... I am sure it will be a huge success and looking forward to it... hope to see you there... thanks to all for your comments and support... Justin M

Dave Porter said:
15 September 2011 @ 15:47

I was talking to Justin A, his comment above about the queue at the Apple Store opening. He's obviously never seen Apple organise a store opening!

Justin M said:
16 September 2011 @ 01:04

Dave, Yeah, I understood that... making a joke about the 2 Justins..." haha"
I think Justin was trying to make a point about how the Spanish don't queue for anything... actually thought that was quite funny actually...

Justin EOS said:
16 September 2011 @ 12:29

Dave, I was just having a bit of a joke about typical queues in Andalucia.

And no, I haven't been to any Apple openings. Although my house seems to be full of Apple devices (why do we need so many??) I'm not really an Apple person so I won't be queuing outside the new Apple store.

I would like to buy a Mac one day, just to try it out really, so maybe I'll pop in and see the other Justin soon...

Dave Porter said:
16 September 2011 @ 15:56

Yes understood. My point was that if you go to the opening you will see how Apple manage such an event, and they do manage it. It's worth it, Apple Person or not. If your want to have a 'play' with an iMac or a Macbook Pro or Air, then the Apple Store is the place. No disrespect to Justin M, his role is more after sales, the Apple store is not like any other Computer shop you have ever been in. Every product is on display, every one works, every one is switched on, every one is available for you to try, all the staff know what they are talking about and will help you. If you just want to go and get a feel for a Mac, go and do it. You will not be sorry. If you already have several Apple products, you need to try a Macbook Pro! You will love it.

Justin EOS said:
16 September 2011 @ 20:20

To be honest I went into an Apple store in England and I wasn't overly impressed. Huge place, packed with people and it just wasn't for me.

I hate big shopping places and busy shops, they drive me nuts. Give me small independents any time.

So I can't say I'm overly excited about the new Apple store in's just another big shop really! But, if it's good for the area then that's great.

Dave Porter said:
20 September 2011 @ 20:54

Fair enough Justin A, if it's not for you, then that's fine, but it's NOT just another shop. It will be good for Marbella.

Marion Allen said:
02 October 2011 @ 14:13

Just cant wait - cant afford a new mac but I so appreciate them and all the ethos of the 'shops': please giv as soon e us info as soon as the opening date becomes known - I want to be there! Even if I have to camp out overnight to do it!!!!

Michael said:
15 October 2011 @ 11:30

I have a friend who has just gained work at the new Marbella Apple centre, and he confirmed to me that they are offering a full service, such as repairs, upgrades, software installs - the whole service in other works. It will also have a repair shop and there are plans to offer training in Apple products etc. This will really be a great place when it opens.

Dave Porter said:
18 October 2011 @ 00:46

That's good Michael, but we knew that, ALL Apple stores do that. Can you ask your friend when the store is opening?

Jackie Curbishley said:
18 October 2011 @ 08:43

I'm a long term Mac user and the service offered by the Mac store in Regent Street, London, is awful. You have to make an appointment to see a 'Genius' who proves to be a 16 year-old who seems to have no knowledge further than how to turn on a computer. (Or, as in my case, not even that.)

I waited the normal three days for an appointment when my Mac Pro laptop wouldn't start. It made all the sounds as though it were about to boot, but no more than that.

After recommending I install a new battery, (at great expense to me,) the machine still didn't start. Of course, I didn't need the new battery, but as it had been installed he refused to refund my payment. He then advised me to buy a new machine! Mine was only two years old and I was pretty astounded.

That same laptop still sits on a shelf in my house and I often glower at it, charge it up and try to turn it on, but to date I have never solved the problem despite another visit to the store and another useless 'Genius'.

I think there is still very much a place for a real Mac technician in Marbella, who knows his salt, to make a killing by simply advertising outside the Mac store: 'Not happy with Mac Genius Service? Come to us!'

I'd bring along my laptop, as I still live in hope.

Jackie Curbishley said:
18 October 2011 @ 08:46

PS By the way, I just joined and now you're going!

Peter said:
20 October 2011 @ 12:30

Forget this Apple Store here in Marbella. They always will offer you a lousy service. I've just tapped into their trap again. I've ordered a MacBook Pro directly at Apple. I had that feeling that something will go wrong again. But I tried to be optimistic. They promised me to deliver the Mac on Thursday 20. On Thursday 20 morning I found a message in my mailbox: "Intento de entrega fallido". As I phoned them they told me they couldn't find the place where I live. Do I live in a small little street far away? No, I live in the big Camping Marbella Playa on the big N-340. And they couldn't find it. Their new promise is terrible: We deliver it mañana.

Justin Menchen said:
01 November 2011 @ 22:14

Jackie Curbishley... give me a shot at your mac... don't fix don't charge...
give me a call Justin 6667566692
been here on the coast for 10 years doing nothing but mac support... over 4000 + clients and growing...

Dave Porter said:
08 November 2011 @ 21:50

Anyone know the date of the opening of the Apple Store at La Cañada yet? Justin?

justin menchen said:
11 November 2011 @ 01:48

could be today.... really any day now... I am really surprised its not already open.... J.

Dave Portet said:
13 November 2011 @ 10:08

I'm surprised too. This one seems to be taking a long time. They normally announce the opening date about a week in advance. Keep your ear to the ground Justin!

Dave Porter said:
21 November 2011 @ 16:17

It opens this Friday 25 November 10.00am. Opening hours Mon-sat 1000 - 2200. Closed Sunday (of course).

rene said:
25 January 2012 @ 19:01

hey and hello together, was wondering if they are still jobs to get. cant see any in cooljobs.
About myself: I am right now t1 iOS Advisor, in Ireland, hope to get soon T2, will try todo my protools and look then for something nice in an Apple store, were I can help with my experiance.



(after 8 years spain) I know what I miss right now here in cold Ireland

any infos : send it to me

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