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Duja Portugal

Duja Spain have now decided to 'restructure' making Duja Portugal separate. Any investors in Tavira, Cabans Beach and Golf will not be given there investments back unless they take Duja to Court. Any investors wishing to form an action group contact me. John Hughes at

15 July 2008 @ 13:33

I have been an investor in Spain for the last 4 years, and have seen things go from good to bad, again in the last few weeks the Mayor of Estapona and his colleagues were arrested for fraud. It seems that people and companys are still getting away with our money, the latest, is Djua, another big building company, who quote have 'restructured' there activities, making Potugal a separate entity, and thus avoiding the Spanish law. I have invested with this company and the development in Portugal, Tavira, Cabanas Beach is over 18 months late in being delivered, and they refuseto to return my deposit and any interest due, I have tried over the last year to contact Duja, only to be fobbed of with the Portugal Sales office who have been unable and unwilling to return most of my e-mails and calls.
I have recently received documents from Duja stating the above and giving a lawyer acting for them, however when he eventually returned my call (1 month) I was told that Duja would not refund my deposit and I would have to take them to court, he was only acting in a conveyancing role.
So, if there are any investors who also are the same position, and  wishing to form an action group contact me.
John Hughes at
I have already spoken to a lawyer who has acted for me on other cases and he would be willing to take this case at a fee well below the usual rates.
So any interested party e-mail me or send me a blog
John Hughes

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