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I Wonder Why...?

I will be writing about aspects of Spanish history and their traditions. I am a very curious person and have always needed to know "why" they do it, and "how" it came about. So over the years while living in Spain I have made a conscious effort to discover "el porque de las cosas" and I will be sharing them with you. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do.

Ricardo Tormo and Bultaco
Friday, December 1, 2023 @ 8:12 PM

Ricardo Tormo, a true icon of motorcycling, was responsible for the resurrection of the Bultaco brand in the world of motorcycles thanks to his victories in the World Championship.

Early Years of Ricardo Tormo

Born in Spain on September 7, 1952, Ricardo Tormo started his motorcycling career from an early age. His talent and skills on the track led him to compete in different categories, quickly demonstrating that he was destined to make history.

The Bultaco Brand in Trouble

The Bultaco brand, founded in 1958, was known for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance motorcycles. However, over the years, the company faced various adversities which led to its near extinction. Despite being a recognized brand, the lack of victories and positive results in the sports field tarnished its reputation.

The Encounter between Tormo and Bultaco

It was in 1976 when Ricardo Tormo met the representatives of Bultaco, who proposed he be part of their team and compete in the World Championship. Aware of Tormo's great talent, Bultaco believed that, under his leadership, they could achieve a renaissance in the world of motorcycling and regain their lost glory.


The World Championship and the Resurrection of Bultaco

Ricardo Tormo agreed to join Bultaco and, with great dedication and teamwork, they managed to develop a competitive motorcycle. In 1978, Tormo competed in the 50cc category of the World Championship, where he showcased his ability to control the Bultaco in each race.

Victories started to accumulate and, in an unexpected turn of events, Ricardo Tormo and Bultaco won the World Champion title in 1978 and 1981. The duo had brought prestige and success back to Bultaco, becoming emblematic examples of overcoming adversity and resilience.


The story of Ricardo Tormo and the resurrection of the Bultaco brand in motorcycles continues to be an inspiring example in the world of motorcycling. Today, Bultaco remains active in the market as a lifestyle brand and now as an electric bike builder, and Ricardo Tormo's name is remembered as one of the greatest riders in the history of motorcycling. A legacy that will endure in the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts. 

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