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Proposed New Road User Rules for Motorbikes/cyclists etc
09 November 2011 @ 17:52

Article in today's Diario Informacion which says under the new DGT Reglamento de Circulacion Urbana y Interurbana, which won't appear until after the 20th November, that if there is a traffic jam or traffic congestion motorcyclists will be able to drive on the hard shoulder at speeds no more than 30kph and with extreme caution. Also in town they can officially zigzag through the traffic at traffic lights to get to the front of the que. It appears there are boxes at traffic lights in most cities which cater for this practice.

Also cyclists will be able to cycle on the footpath where the footpath is more than 3mtrs wide and must keep 1mtr out from the front of any building on said footpath. Pedestrians will have right of way at all times on the footpath. Bicycle trailers will be permitted but must be homolgated/certified and cyclists must wear a helmet which must also be homolgated/certified and must have reflective clothing. Children will not need a special seat in a taxi plying within towns or cities or suburbs of large towns or cities.


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