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Mercadona makeover
28 June 2011 @ 22:10

The supermarket chain has ordered its cashiers to use makeup

Spanish supermarket chain, Mercadona, has told its cashiers that they have to apply eye-shadow, colour and glossy lipstick, ‘but not to excess’. Shelf stackers have been told they have to be close shaved and cannot show a beard of one or two days, ‘despite the look being in fashion’. The company says ‘You have to go to work clean shaven or in the case that you have a beard, it has to be well looked after’.

The company considers the makeup and shaving instructions part of the working uniform, and becomes the first in Spain to issue such orders. Piercings and tattoos are banned.

El Mundo reports that one cashier in Alcorcón, Madrid, who has never used makeup was thankful that her supervisor was prepared to give her some tips.

The company, led by Juan Roig, has been making ever greater demands on the workforce, and in 2010 productivity was up 5%, and as a result the staff saw a 3% bonus and 210 million in extra payments for meeting objectives. The company made a profit of 398 million € in 2010, up 47% on the previous year, and created 1,500 new fixed jobs over the year to take the total workforce to 63,500.

Source: Typically Spanish

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Sue said:
28 June 2011 @ 20:44

Our local Mercadona has some male cashiers so will they have to wear makeup? We have also seen some female staff stacking the shelves, but are happy to report that they obviously shave every morning! ;-)

daftman said:
29 June 2011 @ 13:00

very odd my daughter never has used make up she doesnt need it in fact if she did use bright colours would be kinda scary

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