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Easyjet are now charging £14 per kg over 20kg if two people check in only one bag, previously it was UP TO 32kg (once you'd paid initial £9 online per flight!)
23 October 2010 @ 20:26

Easyjet are now charging new bookings £14 per kg over 20kg if two people check in only one bag, previously it was up to 32kg free! We have done this regularly for the past couple of years at least. Now it's an EXTRA whopping £168 to take 32kg in that bag!!

See below..

1 checked in (online) bag between two passengers up to 20 kg £18, up to 23kg it's + £42, up to 26kg it's + £84, up to 29kg it's + £126 & up to 32kg it's + £168

Do a test booking & see!!! 






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foxbat said:
23 October 2010 @ 20:36

So why not take 2 bags?
20kgs per bag gives you 40 kgs charged at 22€ per bag.
This is pretty much the lo-co standard these days.
What you are quoting here are standard excess baggage charges and are applied by all carriers when your baggage allowance is exceeded.
I further suspect you are incorrect in your statement about 'Free' baggage. I don't recall Easyjet having a 'no charges for hold baggage' incentive for a few years now. Check this link...and check the date...
32kgms has always been the cut-off weight for a single bag regardless of the operator. This is a Health and Safety thing.

An interested party said:
23 October 2010 @ 21:17

Foxbat, I (& many others I know) have been taking one bag per couple for at least two years with up to 32kgs in this. We regularly have taken around 28kgs! (No charge & we checked this with Easyjet prior to our first trip as we didn't quite believe what others had said) That is a fact. I suspect Easyjet have just fathomed out that because they have allowed this, & passengers have taken advantage of it, they will make money from it.

This has just shown up on the website so I'm bringing it to others attention, same as it was brought to mine.

Noreen said:
23 October 2010 @ 21:27

I think you will find that the additional payments are only applicable if you want extra weigght added to your allowance.

If there are 2 passengers & you book 2 bags, any one bag cannot wiegh more than 32kg. It says that in the section where you book the bags.

I have peviously booked 2 bags but because I haven't needed the full 40kg, I have put 32kg in one case & have never had to pay anything extra.

An interested party said:
23 October 2010 @ 22:32

Noreen, it has just changed since October 9th as all my bookings for next year on that date DO say I CAN take up to 32kgs in the one case we have booked between the two of us but NEW bookings DO state otherwise. As I said do a test booking till it asks if you require hold baggage THEN there's a drop down menu with extra costs. It NOW states on your booking that two people checking in one case can only take max 20kg for the basic cost & it has changed its help on website to this (with pictures TOO so it's clear).

An interested party said:
23 October 2010 @ 22:39

Please note I have edited my initial post in order to clarify the matter.

A bag checked in online was NEVER 'free' but £9 each flight for up to 20kgs BUT one bag between TWO was allowed for the £9 each flight UP TO 32kgs ..... BUT NOT NOW!

Do a test booking AND see NEW help info

joan choules said:
18 November 2010 @ 19:46

Can you please inform me whether I have to pay to take two bags on flight booking No. EH64 nxt to Geneva. or whether I have paid for them at £9.00 per bag. Thanks

An interested party said:
18 November 2010 @ 20:05

Hi Joan

I'm not sure what you are asking exactly. You REALLY need to contact Easyjet for clarification on this.

On OUR OWN 3 return bookings .. booked 9th October 2010 .. it says we CAN take UP TO 32KG in the ONE hold case we booked BETWEEN TWO. Our booking confirmation says this too (as it always has done, we've taken one hold case between us weighing up to 32kg for years without paying extra to the £9 per flight).

After that date I read from forum members on other forums that Easyjet had changed that to max 20kg in that one hold bag between two (FOR BOOKINGS AFTER MAYBE OCT 10TH) unless you coughed up what I posted in main post.

We're going to email Easyjet about our confirmation as no way are we going to pay extra having booked & had it CONFIRMED we are permitted up to 32kg in one hold bag between two.

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