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02 October 2010 @ 00:06

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An interested party said:
02 October 2010 @ 18:25

Here in Spain our neighbours friends who had been staying were due back on Ryanair to Liverpool on 29th. Our neighbours checked the flight two days before unaware of problems & saw that Ryanair were only allowing hand baggage on 29th so they arranged to leave hold baggage here with our neighbours. I alerted them morning of 29th to situation that Ryanair had cancelled the flight but they needed to get back to the UK so neighbours took them & their hold baggage to Murcia anyway. They actually left on 29th with their hold baggage on a Jet2 flight for 400€!

On the other hand our friends were booked with just hand baggage on a Ryanair flight Alicante to Birmingham on 29th & they checked that the flight was going, it was one that had not been cancelled. The husband, who was staying a further week, took his wife, daughter & grandkids to the airport, all was ok & he left them.
They were taken through to departure, boarding cards taken, they could see their plane then suddenly an announcement said the flight wasn't going & they needed to rebook, no other details. There were no flights available for 8 days! So our friend had a call from his wife saying 'come fetch us!'
As they have a Spanish car he drove the family home to the UK. WHAT A MESS! Ironically Easyjet WERE flying but wanted 400€ each to take them.

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