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Knights... filed for bankruptcy ?
06 December 2013 @ 17:56

Maybe in Malaga only?



Googled translation as follows..

Saturday November 23, 2013
IV. Administration of Justice COURTS OF THE TRADE
Section IV. Pag 59268
The Commercial Court No 2 of Malaga, in compliance with the provisions of article 23 of the Bankruptcy Act, announces:
1st That the procedure number 959/13, by order of 10/25/13 has filed for voluntary bankruptcy debtor Insurance Knight, SA, with CIF A-29265089 and registered in Lance del Sol building, Portal 1-1-A, Fuengirola, whose center of main interests has in Malaga.
Two. ° That the debtor retains the powers of administration and disposition of its assets, but subject to these intervention of the Bankruptcy Administration.
Three. ° That the creditors of the bankrupt should be made aware of the Insolvency Administration existence of their credits in the manner and with the data expressed in Article 85 of the LC.
April. ° That has been appointed Insolvency Administrator Don Jose Fernandez Sergio Gomez, with contact phone 95 222 46 82.
Creditors may direct credits and any request or inquiry having the Insolvency Administration, to the following email address:
Well as to the following postal address Street Casas de Campos, No. 3-6 - Right, 29001.
EI deadline for this communication is one month from the publication of this edict in the "Official State Gazette".
May. ° That the creditors and interested parties appear in the proceeding must do so through Assisted Attorney and Lawyer (Article 184. LC).
Malaga, October 28, 2013 -. Judicial Secretary.
ID: A130064174-1

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johnzx said:
07 December 2013 @ 11:03

I for one am not upset.

They screwed me by charging a year’s premium when I had notified them that I was cancelling the policy. At first they denied I had informed them, but even when I sent them their acknowledgement they still refused to refund. Thus I had double cover on my property for two years.

Good Bye and good riddance !

Made my Christmas

Bolichera said:
12 December 2013 @ 15:01

I understand that you may have had a problem with Knights insurance, but ''Made my christmas''?? Peoples jobs are going to be lost and families will be affected... I dont think it will ''make their Christmas'' as no job... no christmas... Its certainly not the staff's fault yet they will loose out. Your comment is completley unsensitive. Try thinking of others aswell as your self. Un poco de sensibilidad.

johnzx said:
12 December 2013 @ 16:11

Sorry for the staff but if they will work for a company that is so dishonesty, bit like working for a bank robber, and then being upset cos he gets nicked !

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