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Green Lemons are Limes

The adventure that moving and living in Spain has continually been. Tragic events that have turned everything upside down, house moves and running a bar in the Spanish countryside.

We Have Arrived
12 August 2019 @ 18:38

We have arrived


The first day in our new country was a mix of excitement and nerves.


First thing in the morning we went to school, we had taken a translator with us. But yet again had fallen into the trap of thinking, if someone speaks more of the language than you they must be fluent. 

The headmistress called the English teacher in to help, but that worryingly didn’t help at all, as luck would have it, the sports teacher walked past just then and his English was streets ahead of the other staff members.

All the paperwork was completed and the girls would start school the following week. 


Now to see our new home.

As we climbed the narrow alleyways in the beautiful mountainside village that was now our home, my heart began to sink. I would have to make this trip every time I went to the supermarket, the only place to park the car was on the outer town road.

 How were we going to get our belongings in?

The answer was we would have to block off one of the towns tiny roads and walk it up the alleyway and to the house.

Barry’s description of the house was wonderful, the reality was not.

It had bag’s of potential but we were only renting, so wouldn’t want to do too much.

It was full of the owner's belongings and was disgustingly filthy.

Everywhere needed painting urgently, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

We only had two weeks to knock the house into shape and make it liveable before my dad came to stay.

It was time to get to work.

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