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Green Lemons are Limes

The adventure that moving and living in Spain has continually been and now I am sharing with you COMPELLING STORIES FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD.

The Villa
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The owner of this property had space cleared it herself and whilst she had done a very good job, there were still things that needed attention it had strong feelings of anger and frustration.

These feelings were not helped with the presence of a male called Fred who was still alive but had dementia, which would explain why he could come in. He was a nasty piece of work, abusive and controlling. He was having a very negative effect. The owner confirmed that they knew who he was.



There was also a much gentler man the owner’s grandad. His name was Frank, and he came in to try to calm the energy and smooth over the situation. This, however, caused the energy and the occupants to roller coaster. It was like being stuck in the middle of a battle between good and evil.

I have cleared all the negative and put a bubble around the property so only good can get in, Frank can still visit but Fred can NOT!

I have programmed the house to be positive, trusting, open, healthy and happy.

The owner confirmed that the house felt calmer and more relaxed. She was unable to confirm who Frank was because she had no knowledge of her grandparents.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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The Old School House
Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The old school house was a strange property to space clear. The energy was manic. It felt like a whirlwind. 

The residual energy held in the walls was of nervousness and feeling scared. There was a sense of children being slapped around the head and a strict teacher who especially didn’t like kids writing with their left hand, which had to be corrected.

The house was also full of stuff and had no order to it. I passed this information on to the owners, who told me they had already started sorting out.

I cleared all the old memories and energy.

I programmed the house to be happy, calm and abundant.

The owners reported back that they had felt calmer, more positive and less overwhelmed since I cleared the energy.






What Happens at School

This is a fictional story based on the information received during Space Clearing


In the early part of the twentieth century in rural Spain, many Spanish children did not have the luxury of going to school. The girls would learn the skills of cooking, sewing and preserving from their mothers and grandmothers. The boys would work the land with their fathers, grandfathers and brothers.

However, in a small hamlet in the mountains of Almeria, a few lucky boys got to learn to read, write and do basic maths. They even had a school house. The house comprised of just one room, but it was a school which many others did not have the privilege of having.

In the summer the school was hot and sweaty, and in the winter, it was freezing cold. The boys took classes for two hours a day, unless it was olive or almond harvesting time. The families could not spare them at all at harvest time as their very existence relied on the produce of the land.

The boys ,using there chalk boards, would copy the sums and words written on the large black board hanging from the wall. Supplies where slim pickings and the boys had to be careful not to break the chalk, as a new piece was not guaranteed. There were no books apart from the teacher’s book, which he passed round for the boys to read. If they did not get the words right they would get a slap around their heads for their trouble.

One poor boy, Jóse, was left-handed. He was made to sit at the back of the class with his left hand tied behind his back. You could not be left handed at this time, it was believed that left handed people were sent by the devil. We now know that in fact, left-handed people tend to be highly creative and have stronger intuition and imagination than their right-handed counterparts. This goes along way to explain why, for so many centuries, these individuals that make up around 10% of the population, were victimised and persecuted. Thankfully, in most places in the world today, it no longer happens. But for poor Jóse it was an everyday battle to write with his right hand and avoid yet another smack around the head.

The teacher was strict, but had a passion for books and helping kids to read. Although, by todays standards it was a harsh and basic education, it did help many local boys to read and write, which they would never have been able to do otherwise.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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There Is Always Hope
Wednesday, November 15, 2023

This is a fictional story based on the information received during Space Clearing

The house had once been a vibrant and lively abode, but it had fallen into a state of perpetual gloom. Its once gleaming paintwork had become faded and dull. The once vibrant garden had become overgrown and neglected.

The house, like every other, had a story to tell. A story of happiness, love and dreams. However, this was overshadowed by a silent sadness, that gripped it tightly.

Many years ago, the house had been filled with love, laughter and warm memories. Memories of children playing and singing. A happy home.

The cheerful laughter had been replaced by sadness, sombre whispers and tearful goodbyes. The woman of the house had fallen ill with a terminal illness and when she drew her last breath, it was as if the house did too.

The vibrant memories the house held became hidden by the tragedy of the passing. Every warm memory was buried under the thick energy of grief. There was no more children’s laughter echoing through the walls, and the once bustling kitchen now stood empty and barren. The rooms became a haunting reminder of loss, loneliness and grief.

The previously beautiful garden mirrored the sadness. The once vibrant and colourful flowers wilted and died. A stark reminder of the life that had gone. The empty swing hung from the tree with just the wind to move it. Gone were the children’s cries of delight as they were pushed higher and higher.



The house became a symbol of loss and grief for the whole community and it looked as if it would stay this way forever, until one fateful day.

A young couple were walking in the neighbourhood and spotted the house and it’s for sale board.

They were a vibrant couple who understood that negative energy in properties can be changed.

They exchanged a look and rang the estate agent. As soon as they walked in they could see what the house could once again become. They saw all the life they could bring into it. They had no choice, they had to make this house their home. They had to change all the sorrow back to joy. 

Using a professional space clearer, they did just that. The energy of grief, sadness and despair, was removed and the positive energy that had been so powerful once upon a time was restored.

The house was happy once again. It was a home and the love was restored. The home glowed with a warm glow as if it were now in the sun where previously it had spent so long in the shadows.

Every house, no matter how broken, deserves a chance to be loved and filled with happiness and abundance. 

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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The Sad House
Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The house had an overwhelming feeling of pain and sorrow about it. As soon as I started I felt huge sadness, a sadness that was crippling. Physical pain in my heart, like beating too fast and then a crushing headache. Unable to process anything, I just wanted to crawl into a small space and curl up into a ball.

The pain was immense. I wanted to cry. It was heartbreaking.

There were two spirits unable to move away from the house. 



The first only showed himself to me as a grey man (whole being, not just his hair), he didn’t show me any features. He was not connected to the owners but came with the house. He was very angry. He was projecting his negativity and making the whole house darker, physically and mentally.  After  I cleared the property (from a floor plan), the owners were able to notice a difference. It was physically lighter. He was connected to the land the house was built on or something very close by (on the same road). He died violently and had held on to the anger, which was affecting their house and especially the males that entered it. 

The other spirit was of a woman in her mid-30s with long light brown hair, wearing a long white nightdress type thing. She had been in pain and wanted the owner to know that she wasn’t now. She was connected to them. She really wanted them to know there was no more pain. She made me smile. She was happy to be moved on but told me she would be back. That’s a good thing, she brings love, and she will let the owners know she’s there with a smell or a song. She also said they could talk to her as she could hear them. 

I recommended putting some crystals in the property to help the energy.

The owners were able to verify who the young woman was and reported back that the house felt calmer and happier since I space cleared it. It is such a privilege to be able to help people and I will never stop being grateful that I have been chosen to do this work.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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The Cosy House
Wednesday, October 25, 2023

This is a fictional story based on the information received during Space Clearing

Nestled within the rugged mountains of Andalusia, there lay a hidden gem—an ancient house that had been a secret haven for generations. This extraordinary abode was known by a few and had been passed down through a family that cherished its unique beauty. When none of the family were left it was brought by a family who loved it as much as those who had so lovely cared for it for so many generations.

The house was nestled in the sun-kissed limestone cliffs that defined the landscape of the small, picturesque village. The village was a remote, sleepy hamlet, far removed from the bustling city life, where time seemed to move at its own leisurely pace. The house was an embodiment of the region's rich history and a testament to human ingenuity.

The house was a series of interconnected rooms, forming a cosy, otherworldly sanctuary. Its entrance, a narrow doorway, was draped with flowering vines that meandered along the rugged exterior. Inside, the rooms were naturally cool in the heat of summer and warmly insulated during the harsh winter months. The walls, adorned with intricate patterns and inscriptions, whispered tales of the generations that had inhabited this unique dwelling.

In the centre of the main room, there stood a grand wooden table, where the families would gather for hearty Spanish meals, filled with laughter, wine, and the flavours of the land. The ceiling bore the marks of countless candles and lanterns that had illuminated the room through the years. The walls were adorned with tapestries, some telling stories of battles fought, others showing scenes of pastoral beauty from the nearby countryside.

The bedrooms, though modest in size, held an air of serenity, thanks to their stone-carved arches and warm, earthy hues. The family had decorated them with handwoven blankets and old, yet lovingly preserved furniture, each piece having a story of its own. A gentle breeze flowed through the open windows, carrying the scent of wildflowers and the distant sounds of chirping birds.



The heart of the home was a small garden that had been cultivated on a terrace, sheltered by the overhanging mountain. A variety of fruit trees, colourful blooms, and aromatic herbs thrived there, cared for by the skilled green thumb of the family matriarchs. They had learned the secrets of the earth from their mothers and grandmothers. The new family had taken the time to learn the old ways in order to keep the garden special. It was a place of peace, where the family would gather for picnics, storytelling, and evening stargazing, the dim light from the lanterns casting enchanting shadows on the walls.

As the years passed, the appreciation for the house continued, preserving its history and traditions while embracing modernity. The village around them had grown, and with it, the world had started to take notice of their unique home.

The house in rural Spain stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of the region, where ancient traditions meet the modern world. It remains a place of warmth, where the past and the present intertwine in harmony, and where the heart of rural Spain beats steadily, hidden among the rocky cliffs.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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The Old Village House
Friday, October 20, 2023

The village house was situated in rural Spain and is a beautiful well looked after property, it had been on the market for a number of years, with little interest.

The energy in the house was mainly residual. 

The storeroom was heavier and darker than the rest of the property. Residual energy of a man who was not very nice in life. A fairly tall figure who liked to wear dark-coloured clothes. His energy was one of control and he was connected to the cave when it was a lot smaller.  



Bedroom 4 had a feeling of sadness, loss, grief and tears. 

I also picked up arguing, anger, betrayal and a small boy hiding from the arguing.

There was an air of feeling overwhelmed and confusion which would have impacted the owner. I advised them to take time to write their ideal home, in as much detail as they could and also, to thank you to the house. If you are looking to move, you can also use the affirmation I gave the owner of this property to help things move on: ‘Thank you, for being our home, for all the memories and happy times, but now it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

There were also cords attaching the owner to the property, which I cut, so she was able to move on.

What happened next was very strange. A man in spirit came through loud and clear with a message that he visited often, I got the name John, a father or grandfather figure. He wanted them to cry less, when they did cry, he was always there wrapping his arms around them. Even though he died at a young age around 50, he had and would never stop loving them. Whenever they needed him, he would be there, if they had any concerns, they should talk to him, and they would suddenly have the answer jump into their head. He would be with them wherever they lived. This was strange because the owner of the house had no idea who he was. I had space cleared the cave house whilst I was looking after my friend's dogs and the next time I went to the house John was there again. Then the penny dropped. It was a message for my friend, not the owner of the cave house. When I told her she burst into tears and was able to verify all the details. John had not in fact died young but had suffered dementia for many years. He had not known who he was or who his family were and had been in a care home. This is not the only time that someone with dementia has acted like they had died earlier. I have done other jobs where the person is very much alive, but visits loved ones as if they had died. A very strange phenomenon! I later went on to do an Oracle card reading for her Mother and although at one point I thought John would not put in an appearance, he did! I was able to reassure my friend's mum that he was more than okay, and that he was still with her and sending loads of love. 

I cleared all the negative energies and programmed the house for a quick, easy sale and that the perfect buyers would be healthy, happy and abundant in it. The property has not yet sold but is getting many more viewings, so it is just a matter of time.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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The Escape Tunnel
Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The small town of Cuevas hid a remarkable secret during the turbulent years of 1932 to 1937—a secret escape tunnel that would become a symbol of hope and defiance against the oppressive regime that gripped Spain.
The escape tunnel's origins traced back to a group of brave townsfolk who opposed the authoritarian rule. Among them was Diego, a local teacher with a passion for education and a burning desire for justice. He had seen his students and their families suffer under the regime's iron fist and decided it was time to take action.
With a small group of like-minded individuals, Diego embarked on a perilous journey to create a hidden passage to freedom. They worked tirelessly in the dead of night, their shovels biting into the earth beneath the town's cobblestone streets. Friends, neighbours, and even children joined the cause, all sharing a common dream—to liberate those oppressed by tyranny.
Over the course of five years, the escape tunnel, known as "La Esperanza" or "The Hope," grew in complexity and reach. It meandered its way beneath the charming streets of Cuevas, complete with concealed entrances and chambers for refuge. The entrance to the tunnel was hidden beneath the floorboards of Diego’s small apartment, a place that would soon become a symbol of resistance.


"The Hope" became a beacon of light for those suffering under the oppressive regime. Political dissidents, persecuted minorities, and anyone daring to defy the authoritarian rule found solace in the tunnel's shadows. Diego, with his unwavering dedication to justice and his position as a teacher, became a source of inspiration for the escapees. He offered guidance and hope to those about to embark on the treacherous journey through "The Hope."
Over the years, "The Hope" helped over 100 people escape the clutches of tyranny. Some found refuge in neighbouring towns and villages, while others embarked on dangerous treks across the rugged terrain of Andalusia to reach safety.
As the Spanish Civil War raged on, the escape tunnel's existence became increasingly precarious. In 1937, with the regime tightening its grip on Cuevas, Diego and his comrades decided to seal the tunnel's entrances and disband their group. They knew the risks had grown too great. Unfortunately, they were too late. The last people to use the tunnel would be murdered in them and their souls stuck there for the best part of a century. 
The war eventually ended, and many of those who had escaped through "The Hope" survived to witness the fall of the oppressive regime. The tunnel, however, had been blocked and remained hidden beneath the town's streets, a silent witness to the courage and compassion of its creators.
Decades later, whilst renovating the shared house in which Diego had lived and the tunnels entrance had been, the builders rediscovered "The Hope," and its story became a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who had risked everything for the sake of freedom.
This blog is in honour of Diego, his fellow conspirators and all the Diegos that time has forgotten, as well as the countless lives they saved during those tumultuous times.
"The Hope" serves as a reminder that even in the smallest of towns, the human spirit can create a path to freedom and hope, even in the darkest hours of oppression.


I highly recommend trying El Palacete.
They also have a fantastic vegetarian/vegan restaurant ‘The Happy Herbivore’, the food is out of this world.
Take a look at the El Palacete website

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El Palacete Apartment - 2
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

At the rear of the apartment, I came across a brave family.

Diego, his wife Rosa (different Rosa to the one in the hotel, although I do think they were related) and their young son Pepe. They stood up for what they believed in. They were Anti-Franco and Anti-Fascist.

Diego built/dug the escape tunnel, which is now filled in and made into a feature wall.

The tunnel itself was not pleasant, I struggled for breath and really wanted it to cry. The energy was so thick and heavy in there. It was filled with fear and terror.  

A build-up of negative energy, with no escape.

There were also six spirits stuck in the space. Three women, two men & one child around 9 years old.Stuck because of what had happened to them there.

As they had tried to escape through the tunnel they had been cornered and were then shot. The bodies fell on top of each other and the boy, still alive but injured, was buried under the bodies.

There was no escape. They were scared, dying, left to rot.

Diego, Rosa and Pepe were among the dead.  

Diego clearly got the message across to me that he would do it all again. He was determined that what he was fighting for was right. 

The other two women and man felt cheated and wrongly accused. I kept hearing ‘We did not steal’.

They had been set up. Someone had informed on them and the Guardia had been waiting for them to enter the tunnel. As they did, the Guardia broke the silence with gunshots and then their laughing. They were drunk and just left them to die. They had no remorse. It was almost like a game to them.

At the other end of the tunnel in the apartment stood a priest who overlooked the shooting, and enjoyed the show! 

He liked seeing people suffer, the destruction, fear & pain.

He liked to tell people not to cross him because he was doing God’s work, but he wasn’t. He was only serving himself; He liked the control and power that the church offered him at that time.


The tunnel was much smaller back then. One end was only crawlable.

There was no air, it was difficult to breathe and then it was filled with pain and the smell of death.


The victims had been stuck in a twisted mess, unable to move on since their deaths in 1937.





This was a very important tunnel, it helped almost 100 people escape. They mainly fled the priest who controlled the Guardia, who were acting in the name of Fascism & later Franco, but he did it for his own kicks.

The tunnel was used between 1932 to 1937. 

The tunnel was used mainly before the Civil War, as people tried to escape what was looking inevitable.

All the spirits have been moved on.

All residual energy cleared, and the area was programmed to be happy, loving, comfortable and abundant.

I highly recommend trying El Palacete.
They also have a fantastic vegetarian/vegan restaurant ‘The Happy Herbivore’, the food is out of this world.
Take a look at the El Palacete website

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The Shared House
Wednesday, September 20, 2023

In the vibrant town of Cuevas del Almanzora in the year 1900, there stood an exquisite shared house with a stunning crystal chandelier gracing its grand hallway. This shimmering masterpiece was a stark contrast to the darkness that enveloped the lives of its occupants.
The house was home to the Gómez family—Juan, the head of the household; Maria, his long-suffering wife; and their small daughter, Isabella, with dreams that seemed unreachable under the weight of her family's troubles.
The chandelier in the hallway was a dazzling sight to behold, its crystal prisms refracting the sunlight into a mesmerising dance of colours. It was the one source of beauty and light in their otherwise gloomy existence.
Juan Gómez was a violent man, his temper fuelled by alcohol and frustration. He worked long hours down the local mines, but his wages were barely enough to make ends meet. This dire financial situation gnawed at his pride and led to endless arguments with Maria.


Maria, once a vibrant and hopeful woman, had been worn down by years of abuse. Her once-bright eyes had dimmed, and she existed in a constant state of fear. She had watched helplessly as Juan's cruelty grew worse, his anger increasingly directed at Isabella.
Isabella, a delicate flower amidst the storm, had dreams of escaping her family's torment. She longed to be free from the violence that plagued her home and to pursue a life of her choosing. But her dreams seemed to grow more impossible with every year that passed, she was growing up in a world that offered few options to women like her. Would she be forced into prostitution like one of the other tenants in the house, Encarna?
Desperation had driven Encarna to make a heart-wrenching decision. She sought the help of a local madam who offered her a path to financial security. Reluctantly, Encarna had become trapped in a life of prostitution, her youthful innocence tarnished by the darkness of the town's underbelly.
The chandelier in the hallway, once a symbol of the house's opulence, now served as a cruel reminder of the light that had been extinguished in the lives of the occupants.
Years passed, and the chandelier remained a silent witness to the Gómez family's and Encarna’s suffering. 
Maria clung to the hope of a better future for her daughter.
One fateful day, a stranger came knocking at their door—a kind-hearted woman from a local women's shelter who had heard of their plight. With her support, all of the women living in the house (Encarna, Maria and Isabella) found the strength to break free from the chains that bound them to a life of despair.
The chandelier in the hallway continued to shine brilliantly, serving as a symbol of hope and resilience. It was a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, the human spirit could find a way to endure and overcome. Casting a ray of light onto the path of those who dared to seek a better life.



The next part of the apartment had a huge story to tell and included an escape tunnel. The tunnel was still visible when the property was renovated and had been made into the most wonderful feature wall.
You don’t want to miss the next El Palacete blog!

I highly recommend trying El Palacete.
They also have a fantastic vegetarian/vegan restaurant ‘The Happy Herbivore’, the food is out of this world.
Take a look at the El Palacete website

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El Palacete Apartment - 1
Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The entrance to the apartment was next door to the main hotel, the hotel was also above it.
This area made for a wonderful self-contained addition to the main hotel. It was bursting with character, was calm and had been lovingly renovated to the same high standard as the main hotel.
The energy was very different from the main hotel, it was full of sadness, violence, and desperation. The first time I saw it, I found it a difficult space to be in. It really needed space clearing and the results have been noticed by all that entered before and after. It’s like night and day!
So why was the energy so heavy in this particular area of the hotel? 
Not only was there residual energy but there were also stuck spirits, and not just one or two!



As I entered ready to space clear, it was very clear that this area had been spilt and rented out, some had a few rooms, some had just one.
I could see in my mind’s eye the most amazing light fitting in the communal hallway. At the time, this was the standout feature and my words could never do it justice to describe it. Sadly, it did not remain in the property and the owner has never seen it.
The energy of a women being dragged out of the building by her hair in around the 1930’s however did. She was angry and felt unjustly treated, wrongly accused of being a witch.

In the first area, a family lived in two rooms. It was around 1900. The energy was all residual but also uncomfortable. I saw a mother crying, rocking a little girl around four years old. They were huddled in a corner. Then the image of a man, Juan, appeared. He was a dark energy in life and had left that imprint on the property. He was violent. Pain and suffering were his legacy. 
He had caused his wife multiply miscarriages due to his violent nature. 



Further in to the apartment was a one room bedsit. The occupant had been a very depressed and lonely woman I got the name Encarna. She had been forced into prostitution just to stay alive. The pain and sadness in her space was huge. She did not work out of the room.

The rest of that part of the apartment was fear, sorrow and hiding again!

I cleared all the energy and have been back to make sure I hadn’t missed anything! 

The next part of the apartment had a huge story to tell and included an escape tunnel. The tunnel was still visible when the property was renovated and had been made into the most wonderful feature wall.
You don’t want to miss the next El Palacete blog!

I highly recommend trying El Palacete.
They also have a fantastic vegetarian/vegan restaurant ‘The Happy Herbivore’, the food is out of this world.
Take a look at the El Palacete website

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