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Green Lemons are Limes

The adventure that moving and living in Spain has continually been and now I am sharing with you COMPELLING STORIES FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD.

The New Businesses Office
Wednesday, February 7, 2024

The property had been empty for a long time when the new occupants took it over to make it into their new office space.


There was the energy of a short, round Spanish man Júan from around 1962. He had a large amount of pain in his head, like a build-up of pressure, that caused his death. He had had a brain tumour or bleed on the brain and had struggled to function because of it. He had suffered a slow painful death.


The general underlying energy of the office was of anger, despair and failure all coming from the 1990’s.


I saw lots of books and papers but was unclear as to what the property had been. It could have been a newsagent or office, something with lots of books and papers.



I also saw an old map of the area on the wall, and I was told that if my client placed one on their wall, it would help the business to be successful. She didn’t have one but after a few weeks, the perfect map turned up and is now hanging on the wall!


I also suggested that she purchased two citrine crystals to put by the wall (or hang near) in the 2nd store room/office, where the wall was an unusual shape.


I have cleared all the energy and programmed the office to be positive, productive and abundant, for all her clients to be a pleasure to work with and for her to have more than enough products to sell.


Since the space clearing the new business has continued to go from strength to strength. New opportunities for expansion are appearing on a weekly basis. The reputation of the business and the services it offers are growing at an amazing rate.


Less than a year in and my client already has a very successful and profitable business.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website or send me a message.

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The View
Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The View had been space cleared by someone else in person about ten years before I cleared it via a plan. 

The owner contacted me, as he felt it needed to be done again to move his business forward. He was right!

The energy was stagnant, which would explain why his business was stuck.

I picked up that he was planning on moving but not just yet.

He was encouraged to enjoy the house until it was time to move and to live in the moment and appreciate everything he had in the moment.

I got a powerful smell of Vicks, which was a little odd!

Both his mother and mother-in-law popped in but only to give love. The owner would know they are about as they would smell their perfume or a song would play that reminded them of their mother.



The main issue in the house was the home office.

It was a small room, and the desk faced a wall, so the owner had his back to the door whenever he worked. This is really bad from an energy viewpoint. It represents turning your back on clients and not welcoming them into your business. If you run a business, I strongly suggest that you move your desk so you can see the door. This will help you attract more clients. It sounds a bit out there, but it really works!! 

Because of the size of the office, there was no way the desk could face the door. To solve the problem, I suggested that he put a mirror above his desk so he could see the door. Energetically, this was a sign that he was open for business and ready to receive customers (even via the Internet). 

I suggested clearing out a cupboard on the landing, as there was something in it that had a negative memory attached to it. The cupboard also needed a crystal in it because of its situation in the property.

The property also had a few warnings for my client. The first was to trust his intuition about the people he worked with. If they didn’t seem right, then they weren’t.

He was also reminded that it was ok to want more abundance and this message goes to all who are reading this.

Your abundance supports the world, so aim high. You desire it as does my client.

He was also being guided to have a better work/home balance. Hauling to create a business is not always the best use of someone’s time. People are much more productive and create a flow towards them when they take time for themselves.

Within hours he had contacted me to say that he had had the best business meeting ever! Since then, he has put the mirror up and placed the crystals. He has also ditched an untrustworthy business partner. He has followed his intuition and is taking his business back to how he originally saw it, a much more heart-centred business. I look forward to continuing to watch his progress.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

This is a fictional story based on the information received during space clearing


Rosalin grew up in rural Spain during the 1920’s. Her family made a living off the land that had been passed down from generation to generation. It was a hard life and was not made easier with a civil war and then living under a dictatorship.

Huercal Overa was not a quiet, safe place to live during these times. The mountains surrounding the then fairly small town hid many tunnels used for escaping the war and the dictator. 

It was not safe to have a view for or against. It was not safe to sit on the fence either! It was just not safe!

When war broke out in 1936, Rosalin was 15 years old and wanted to be more independent. She had been lucky since 1931 when the Education Act had been passed. She had managed to get a few hours a day of schooling. As a bright student, this allowed her to read and write, but it all came to an abrupt end in 1939 when Franco came to power and over fifty percent of teachers were assassinated or forced into exile. Rosalin had seen the assassination of her teacher and it had stood as a harsh lesson not to be seen or heard. As the education system fell back into the hands of the Catholic church, and mixed classes were prohibited, she had no access to a real education. If she was lucky a book or two would come her way. Oh,  how she loved to read!



Rosalin saw many families turn against each other not only during the war but also in the years that followed. She knew just how lucky she was that her family shared the same values and also had a natural intelligence to keep their heads down and mouths shut at all times.

The years until the dictatorship ended were long and hard. In the worst years, they would have their crops stolen, by either Franco's soldiers or the rebels. with both sides needing to eat, and both sides trying to gain some authority, Spain was not an easy place to be. Refugees would come and go from the nearby coast, searching for safety from the bombs that were dropped on them as they tried to escape the cities. 

As the years went on it became normal, to hide, normal to be hungry.

The empty houses in the region were a testament to the hardship and suffering the people of the past had endured. Many homes had been abandoned decades ago and forgotten. Families fled for work or to avoid persecution, never to return. Did they make it? Did they find a happier, safer life or did they perish en route?



Rosalin was one of the lucky ones. She managed to win over any potential problem-maker with her beautiful round face and glowing smile. She fell in love at the age of twenty and was very happily married for forty years. The couple had four children and six grandchildren.

She outlived both Franco and her beloved husband. She saw a new world emerge from the ashes of war and hate. She was able to read as many books as she liked thanks to the opening of the town library. She loved her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She lived with her eldest daughter and her family for the last fifteen years of her life. She would help with the little ones and cook and clean for them. She was truly grateful for everything in her life, which made her smile even more glowing.

After she passed quietly in her sleep at almost eighty years old, she could not bear the thought of not being close to her family. She would pop in to see and check on them, leaving them a feather or whisper an idea into their heads to guide them along their way. Her love was not able to be destroyed not even by death.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website or send me a message.

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Calle Greco
Friday, January 5, 2024

I was asked by a friend to clear this property because her niece was having trouble at school. The problems were affecting her mental health, and the family were really worried about her. 

The property had only ever been lived in by this family and was only about 10 years old. I got information that was a lot older than the flats, which didn’t make sense to the family. This residual energy came from a building that once stood on the plot or on the road. It wasn't easy to pinpoint where it had come from.

The flat had a black cloud of sadness over it. It was really heavy with fear and emotional pain and lots of crying.

The residual energy held memories of divorce, miscarriage and death.

An old man died there of old age. He was bedridden, very thin and drawn. He had had a hard life, I think he worked the land, and his name was Juan or he was closely connected to a Juan. I also saw a donkey connected to him somehow. This was residual energy. He isn’t there now.

The only spirit that was often there was the owner's grandmother Rosalin. She had a round face that was always smiling even when things were hard, which they often were. She wanted the family to know that she loved them and was proud of them all. She also wanted my friend to talk to her. 

I suggested that my friend if she felt it was appropriate and would not scare her niece, she could reassure her that she was never alone. Her great-grandmother and spirit guides were there to help.

I programmed the house to be happy, healthy, and full of love and laughter. I also programmed it to help the niece do well at school, have good friends and feel safe and confident.

I recommended placing a small rose quartz in the laundry as this area was a shape that needed extra help.


(If you have strange-shaped rooms in your house, placing a crystal can really help stop energy from getting stuck there. If you would like to know how to charge crystals, send me a message and I will send you a free guide.)


My friend was able to confirm that her grandmother was around, as her sister had seen her.

She also informed me that her niece had had a total change around. She was now doing well at school; had made friends and all the problems she was having had gone away.

Space clearing can really make a positive difference to people, I am honoured to be doing this work and so very grateful to help.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website or send me a message.

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Christmas in the Country House
Sunday, December 24, 2023

This is a fictional story based on the information received during space clearing


Christmas in the Country house has changed a lot since Carmen was alive in the 1900’s. 

Back then it had only really been Christmas Eve that had been celebrated. With the arrival of English owners came new traditions and new celebrations.

Carmen was in awe at the sights she now saw. When she was alive family and friends would gather on Christmas Eve and they would either kill one of their pigs, or catch and kill a wild boar, depending on how successful the year had been. If it had been a good year, and they had enough food to keep the pig for the winter they would hunt a wild boar. If not then their pig would be for the chop. 

Almonds from the surrounding trees were always made into some yummy treats.

The fire would be blazing, and Carmen's father would play songs on his homemade Spanish guitar. It was always a great evening filled with love and laughter.

Now things were very different, Carmen watched as new traditions entered the home. 

Christmas trees with fairy lights, Santa Claus on the walls and even climbing the chimney outside. To her, it was magical and exciting. She loved watching as presents were wrapped and Christmas music was played on some strange box. The food! There was so much food! Christmas Eve had always seen an abundance of food in this house but now it was brought in, and not what could be gathered and preserved from the land. There were chocolates wrapped in sparkly paper, boxes of marzipan, nuts (not just almonds) and cheese brought from shops.

Christmas Eve was now a time of excitement but in a very different way to how it had been. Now it was filled with anticipation about what gifts may be received on Christmas day.

It was still a day of stories, games and singing but they were different stories, different games and different songs.

When it was time to go to sleep the children in the house placed large red stockings on the bottom of their bed. They wrote letters to Santa Claus asking for the presents they wanted to receive and left a strange-looking pie, called a mince pie, and a glass of sherry for him. There was even a carrot for the reindeer, Carmen had no idea what a reindeer was, but as the pictures showed them pulling some sort of strange cart she guessed it was a bit like a donkey!

Christmas morning arrived before dawn, excitement filled the area as the children shouted ‘He’s been!’ 



The stockings were now filled with presents and underneath the tree were even more.

The presents were wrapped in colourful wrapping paper and the children squealed with delight.  

As they unwrapped the gifts, the thank you’s and I love you rained down on all the family members.

The house smelled of Turkey and vegetables, the true smell of modern-day Christmas. The food was eaten, and the wine was drunk. Everyone ate and drank well past their normal stopping point, yet, there was still more food, Carmen wondered if this was heaven on earth. With all the love, laughter and abundance on show, did they even know how lucky they were?

One of the children had a puzzle as one of her gifts and Carmen sat next to her. The two girls, one living and one in spirit, sat together completing the puzzle. Gemma was the only person in the house who knew Carmen was there and they often played together.



As night fell and the over-indulgence caught up with the family, they made their way to their beds, kissing each other goodnight as they went.

Christmas day in the Country House was over for another year, Carmen wondered what new things would enter the house in the coming year.

I would like to thank you for your support over the last year and wish you all a very merry Christmas.

May 2024 see all your dreams come true and be filled with love and laughter.

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The Country House
Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The country house had been a home filled with kindness, but things had not always been easy. Life had been filled with hard work, struggle and poverty, yet the energies of love and kindness were so strong that it out-weighed the struggle. The kitchen had once been an animal shed and the home to a very hardworking donkey.

The hallway had the heaviest energy of the whole house, yet I was unable to pinpoint why.

The dining room originally had a fireplace and was a kitchen. Although the room retained some original features, sadly this lovely fireplace had long gone. The memory of a large short smiley woman always cooking and caring for the men, was very strong. She had been happy and had enjoyed the work of caring for all the men, her husband and three sons, plus any other workers, many who had just been passing through, when they came in from the fields.

The downstairs bedroom, now being used as an office had a very heavy and dark energy. The memory of a woman who had died during a miscarriage, brought sadness and loss.

I recommended the owner put a rose quartz on the desk to help bring the energy of love back to the room. 

The lounge which was connected to the  office was also being affected by the energy of the women.

The bathroom had been a food store. In around 1891, the occupants of the house had hidden a man in there. He was hiding from the police (church). When they came, they searched for him, but he successfully escaped over the mountain at the back of the property.

In the main bedroom I recommended the owners put an amethyst on the bedside table. Also, something in the far corner, a tall lamp or large crystal or something hanging from ceiling. The room’s energy was a little unstable and these things would help to even it out.



Upstairs in the first bedroom was a visiting spirit girl, Carmen. With long dark brown bunches and dressed in a white dress, she just wanted to play with the child that now lives in the house. She died suddenly of a fever  around 1919. There was no harm in her but I moved her on, in this case it was the right thing to do.

The second  bedroom upstairs was really dark, heavy and negative. I could not get any information as to why, but it was very uncomfortable. 

I recommended that the owner turned the horseshoes up so good luck stays in the house not flowing away. If you have horseshoes in your home make sure they are facing upwards to keep the good luck in for you.


I programmed the house to be happy, calm, healthy and abundant in every area.

I have also programmed it for any and all businesses that are run from there to be hugely successful and profitable.

And for the children to do well at school.


The owner confirmed that she had been unable to work in her office because of feeling uncomfortable, but now she feels comfortable and has been able to be productive in that space.

The owner spoke to her daughter and asked if she ever had friends that mummy didn’t know come to play. She answered no, apart from the ghost who often plays with her. Her Mum had not known about Carmen before that point.

The family are thriving and living very happily in their lovely country home.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website or send me a message.

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I am offering a very special Oracle card reading to help you see what you have achieved in 2023 and what 2024 may have in store for you, book via my website or send me a message. 




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Saturday, December 9, 2023

This is a fictional story based on the information received during space clearing


Fred had started his career at the early age of 14. He spent his whole life living in the darkest parts of society. He was a career criminal. He liked nothing better than to terrorise everyone around him, his family, the few friends he had and of course his victims. He was a man full of anger and self-hate, which he projected on everyone he came into contact with. Violence and manipulation were his outstanding personality traits. Everyone was scared of him. The police arrested him on numerous occasions for some of the crimes he committed, but he was never caught for many of them. He had done time for armed robbery. Whilst inside, he met people just like himself and they would join forces to commit even bigger, more violent crimes.



His wife had been very young when they met. She had come from an abusive family and all she knew was the unhealthy behaviour that continued into her marriage. As a result of the years of abuse, her personality changed from shy and unassuming to that of controller and abuser to her children.

They had three children who grew up in fear of both their parents. One wrong look could result in a beating. Even after they were fully grown and had left home, their parents had an unimaginable hold on them. The parents would say jump and the kids would ask how high, even when they were well over 50 years old.

Things would take a strange twist when Fred became unwell. Every function of his body started to fade, his speech became laboured and his mind confused. The only thing that never left was the controlling and violence.

Fred was diagnosed with dementia, yet even with this cruel illness, the evil lived on inside him.

As with many struggling with this debilitating disease, Fred spent a lot of time not living in the world as we know it. He was somewhere else and able to travel to different places whilst his body stayed at home!

This caused new problems for his children who were unaware that Fred was visiting them. Dementia seems to give the sufferer the ability to visit loved ones just as a ghost (Spirit) would. In most cases, the sufferer wants their loved ones to feel their love and to reassure them, even if the host is unaware of their presence. With Fred, this was not the case. He wanted to cause chaos and that is exactly what he did.

Fred brought with him a feeling of confusion, uncertainty and unhappiness. This affected all of his children. They felt unsafe and confused about the lives they had chosen. Luckily, they were strong enough to resist the violence he tried to coerce them into. 

This visiting continued until the homes were space cleared and protection was placed around the properties and occupants to prevent Fred from entering. 

This would not stop Fred from spreading his maliciousness to others. Until he died there was no way of removing his spirit from the world.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

I am offering special end-of year Oracle card reading, contact me for more information or to book your slot!


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The Villa
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The owner of this property had space cleared it herself and whilst she had done a very good job, there were still things that needed attention it had strong feelings of anger and frustration.

These feelings were not helped with the presence of a male called Fred who was still alive but had dementia, which would explain why he could come in. He was a nasty piece of work, abusive and controlling. He was having a very negative effect. The owner confirmed that they knew who he was.



There was also a much gentler man the owner’s grandad. His name was Frank, and he came in to try to calm the energy and smooth over the situation. This, however, caused the energy and the occupants to roller coaster. It was like being stuck in the middle of a battle between good and evil.

I have cleared all the negative and put a bubble around the property so only good can get in, Frank can still visit but Fred can NOT!

I have programmed the house to be positive, trusting, open, healthy and happy.

The owner confirmed that the house felt calmer and more relaxed. She was unable to confirm who Frank was because she had no knowledge of her grandparents.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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The Old School House
Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The old school house was a strange property to space clear. The energy was manic. It felt like a whirlwind. 

The residual energy held in the walls was of nervousness and feeling scared. There was a sense of children being slapped around the head and a strict teacher who especially didn’t like kids writing with their left hand, which had to be corrected.

The house was also full of stuff and had no order to it. I passed this information on to the owners, who told me they had already started sorting out.

I cleared all the old memories and energy.

I programmed the house to be happy, calm and abundant.

The owners reported back that they had felt calmer, more positive and less overwhelmed since I cleared the energy.






What Happens at School

This is a fictional story based on the information received during Space Clearing


In the early part of the twentieth century in rural Spain, many Spanish children did not have the luxury of going to school. The girls would learn the skills of cooking, sewing and preserving from their mothers and grandmothers. The boys would work the land with their fathers, grandfathers and brothers.

However, in a small hamlet in the mountains of Almeria, a few lucky boys got to learn to read, write and do basic maths. They even had a school house. The house comprised of just one room, but it was a school which many others did not have the privilege of having.

In the summer the school was hot and sweaty, and in the winter, it was freezing cold. The boys took classes for two hours a day, unless it was olive or almond harvesting time. The families could not spare them at all at harvest time as their very existence relied on the produce of the land.

The boys ,using there chalk boards, would copy the sums and words written on the large black board hanging from the wall. Supplies where slim pickings and the boys had to be careful not to break the chalk, as a new piece was not guaranteed. There were no books apart from the teacher’s book, which he passed round for the boys to read. If they did not get the words right they would get a slap around their heads for their trouble.

One poor boy, Jóse, was left-handed. He was made to sit at the back of the class with his left hand tied behind his back. You could not be left handed at this time, it was believed that left handed people were sent by the devil. We now know that in fact, left-handed people tend to be highly creative and have stronger intuition and imagination than their right-handed counterparts. This goes along way to explain why, for so many centuries, these individuals that make up around 10% of the population, were victimised and persecuted. Thankfully, in most places in the world today, it no longer happens. But for poor Jóse it was an everyday battle to write with his right hand and avoid yet another smack around the head.

The teacher was strict, but had a passion for books and helping kids to read. Although, by todays standards it was a harsh and basic education, it did help many local boys to read and write, which they would never have been able to do otherwise.

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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There Is Always Hope
Wednesday, November 15, 2023

This is a fictional story based on the information received during Space Clearing

The house had once been a vibrant and lively abode, but it had fallen into a state of perpetual gloom. Its once gleaming paintwork had become faded and dull. The once vibrant garden had become overgrown and neglected.

The house, like every other, had a story to tell. A story of happiness, love and dreams. However, this was overshadowed by a silent sadness, that gripped it tightly.

Many years ago, the house had been filled with love, laughter and warm memories. Memories of children playing and singing. A happy home.

The cheerful laughter had been replaced by sadness, sombre whispers and tearful goodbyes. The woman of the house had fallen ill with a terminal illness and when she drew her last breath, it was as if the house did too.

The vibrant memories the house held became hidden by the tragedy of the passing. Every warm memory was buried under the thick energy of grief. There was no more children’s laughter echoing through the walls, and the once bustling kitchen now stood empty and barren. The rooms became a haunting reminder of loss, loneliness and grief.

The previously beautiful garden mirrored the sadness. The once vibrant and colourful flowers wilted and died. A stark reminder of the life that had gone. The empty swing hung from the tree with just the wind to move it. Gone were the children’s cries of delight as they were pushed higher and higher.



The house became a symbol of loss and grief for the whole community and it looked as if it would stay this way forever, until one fateful day.

A young couple were walking in the neighbourhood and spotted the house and it’s for sale board.

They were a vibrant couple who understood that negative energy in properties can be changed.

They exchanged a look and rang the estate agent. As soon as they walked in they could see what the house could once again become. They saw all the life they could bring into it. They had no choice, they had to make this house their home. They had to change all the sorrow back to joy. 

Using a professional space clearer, they did just that. The energy of grief, sadness and despair, was removed and the positive energy that had been so powerful once upon a time was restored.

The house was happy once again. It was a home and the love was restored. The home glowed with a warm glow as if it were now in the sun where previously it had spent so long in the shadows.

Every house, no matter how broken, deserves a chance to be loved and filled with happiness and abundance. 

If you would like to know more about space clearing take a look at my website, Facebook page or message me.

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