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Green Lemons are Limes

The adventure that moving and living in Spain has continually been and now I am sharing with you COMPELLING STORIES FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD.

A Family Hit's Rock Bottom 
Tuesday, May 30, 2023

This is a fictional story based on the information received during Space Clearing

In a run-down council house on the outskirts of a commuter belt town lived a family torn apart by the abusive behaviour of their mother. A woman who, on the surface, seemed to have it all together but behind closed doors, was a tyrant.

Her name was Susan, a middle-aged woman with a mane of greasy blonde hair and a perpetually sour expression on her face. Her husband and two children, a teenage son, and a young daughter, were the targets of her rage. 

From a young age, Susan's son, Jack, had learned to keep his head down and never draw attention to himself. This was becoming harder to do as he turned to alcohol and drugs as a means to escape. He was now becoming part of the problem. When he was under the influence his anger would boil over, leaving his father and little sister, Claire, running for cover.

Susan's outbursts were frequent and vicious. She would fly off the handle at the smallest things, hurling insults and objects at her children. The sound of her screams echoed through the walls of their house, the anger was directed towards her family. Although the root cause was her own unhappiness, the family were unable to see that.

One night, after a particularly violent episode, Susan locked Claire in a wardrobe. She would remain there until her mother was asleep and her father could free her. 

Jack’s behaviour also was escalating. He was now out of the house more than home, he would always be drunk or high when he returned.

This was fuel for Susan’s own demons. They were becoming louder every day until she could no longer project the feeling outwards and turned on herself. Susan hit rock bottom. Her addiction had taken over her life, and the realisation of what she had inflicted on her family and on her children left her in deep despair. One night, in a fit of desperation, she attempted to slit her wrists. But her attempt was unsuccessful, and she was rushed to the hospital.

It was during her recovery that Susan finally realised the depths of her addiction and the damage she had caused her family. She knew she needed help, and support for not only her addictions but also her mental health. She was placed in a facility that was able to give her the care she needed.

Her husband Paul was able to make a break and get his son the help he needed. 

Jack was taken to a youth facility to work on his issues. He was not happy and would escape regularly. He would turn up outside the house and scream abuse and throw things, this would continue long after his father and sister had moved.  

Paul and Claire relocated to a different part of the country, and they started again, where no one knew their story. They had nothing to do with Susan and Jack again. They created a new life free from violence and abuse.

Susan got the help she needed and although she would always miss and regret what she had put her family through, and missed them, she ended up living a clean and happy life.

Jack, however, wasn’t so lucky. He was unable to move past the trauma of his childhood and his addiction. He ended up in prison. He committed a robbery that went horribly wrong and killed someone. He will not be released.


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The Start of Something Amazing 
Thursday, May 25, 2023

I have always been able to see, hear and feel things that most people cańt but this was about to take an interesting turn when I moved into a house that was full of traumatic history.

The house had been lived in by a family, pretty much all of whom had mental health and addiction problems.

The writing was literally on the walls. One room was painted black! This did not help with a calm, relaxing feel.

As I learned about what I could do to change the energy, beyond just painting, I came across someone who told me about space clearing. Space clearing shifts any negative energy and can transform a property.

I set about space-clearing the property and to my surprise received images of what had occurred in the house.

I saw a small girl shut in a wardrobe crying. It was not pleasant to witness. It was to get worse when I went into the bathroom and it was covered with blood and a woman with her wrists slit, a suicide attempt.

I cleared the energy and, I was able to live there happily and peacefully until I moved to Spain.

The house still had some secrets to share that I had not seen during space clearing. My husband was digging in the garden and came across a baby's blanket with a body in it! This led to a call to the police and three different groups of police turning up to investigate. The first two lots couldn’t determine if the body was human or not. Knowing some of the history, it would not have been a huge surprise if it was. Luckily the third lot did establish that it was, in fact, a rabbit and not a baby. The police told me that if it had been a baby, they would have had to rip out everything in the house, walls, floors, everything to make sure there were no more bodies.

It just shows that you never know what you are moving into, but with space clearing even the most negative of properties came can be turned around.

Contact me if you would like to know more about Space Clearing.

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Now for something completely different 
Thursday, May 25, 2023

Things have really changed since the last time I blogged on this site. My last post was back in September 2019. Where has that time gone?

Since then we have all lived through a pandemic and lockdowns. 

We have seen huge divisions in communities and families, we have quite frankly seen life turned upside down. 

If back in 2019, I had written about what was coming you would have rightly said I was insane or I had turned into a science fiction writer!

For me personally, it’s been an interesting and sometimes difficult almost four years. I lost my beautiful Nan and worse than that I was unable to make the trip to the UK, as the nursing home wasn’t allowing visitors. Just one of the horrific side effects of the last few years.

However, being locked down gave me the time and space I needed to really dive into my spirituality.

I have always been able to see spirits/ghosts, in fact as a child it was like living in two worlds, the physical and the spirit.

As I grew up I learned that not everyone could see and communicate with spirits which came as rather a shock!

In 2020, I took a course with Kyle Gray to understand and read Oracle cards better. That course lead to three others with Kyle, plus a course with Colette Baron-Reid and even an Angel Congress, plus many books, webinars and YouTube videos.

Properties have always been a passion for me and I have been space clearing (look out for the next blog to find out what that is!) for over twenty years. Now with all the work, I have been doing on my own spiritual journey, I am really able to get much more detail. Names and dates just arrive!

I am excited to be back in this space and I plan to share with you what has happened and been revealed whilst I space-cleared properties. I also plan to write a fictional account of what the spirits would have been like when they were alive.

This blog, like my life, is about to take a dramatic change of direction. My plan is that you find it informative and highly entertaining.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Thank you for reading this blog and for all the support you have given me over the years, it is really appreciated.

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Didn't See That Coming
Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Didn’t See That Coming


Things had settled down, the village was back to being a peaceful and kind place to live. The roof on the house opposite had started to be put back on and as a result, the dust was less and my cough was starting to get better.

Barry had started to make plans for his new job as an outdoor activity manager and was busy planning routes and finding the best walks and activities in the area.

Then it came, totally out of the blue, a strange phone call from our landlady. ‘You need to move out within a week, the owners want their house back’, I was gobsmacked ‘But you are the owner’ ‘No, and you have to leave as soon as possible, let me know when you are moving and come to me and I will give you the deposit back.’ Then she hung up.

I was in a spin, how can we have been renting a property from someone that didn’t own it? My mind went into overdrive, who did the house belong too? If they wanted back so fast, it could be anyone, even a terrorist group.

I phoned one of the estate agents that we had been dealing with, as she had already told us she had sold the house. She told me that our landlady had paid a deposit but never paid the final amount, so yes the property was still owned by the vendor. I was in a state of total shock and bemusement but at least the owners were a local couple and not going to show up in the middle of the night with guns, to throw us out, my imagination can get a bit carried away at times!

Knowing how hard it was to find this place to rent we needed to start looking now, the first port of call the bar and our Spanish friends. 

Thankfully they did know someone who rented out flats mainly for teachers but she may have something, although we were warned she was an eccentric with rather a lot of cat’s. 

I went with our friend to meet the cat lady, she lived in an amazing house, totally beautiful and in need of a really good clean. I really wanted to clean the house for her but my friend assured me that if she wanted it cleaned, she had more than enough funds to hire someone to do it for her and refused to let me offer. She had a three-bedroom flat in the village which was empty, we went with her to see it and I signed the contract on the spot. The flat was not ideal but it was better than where we were being forced to move from. The moving day would be fun, moving from a house you couldn’t get a car close to into a flat on the third floor. But at least we had a roof over our heads and would be out within the week.

Less than three months of us living in Spain we were on the move again.


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A Village Terrorised
Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Village Terrorised  


Time went by, Dad had been and went, the house was almost liveable. 

Dad had not been overly impressed by our new home, but he loved the village and the local people even with the communication barrier, made us all feel welcome.

The house directly in front of our new home was being renovated, as they took the old roof of our home became full of dust, dust that got into everything and was impossible to remove. It sat heavy on my chest giving the most hellish cough, nothing could be done apart from live with it.

The girls were enjoying school apart from one aspect, the two other English kids. These children were from a troubled background and it showed in their behaviour. They had tried to create an English Spanish divide in the little school but my girls didn’t want to know. When they wouldn’t comply things took a nasty turn.

I had to communicate with the school somehow, so spent hours with the English to Spanish dictionary writing a letter explaining the situation and asking if where possible my kids could be kept away from them. I understood that it was impossible to keep them away at break times but if I could at least make the school aware they could move them in the classroom.

Things went from bad to worse, when I was called into school because Loreena had been cornered in the toilet and now had a black eye. The English girl was responsible and the school would deal with it.

The problems with these two children were escalating in the village with them running riot and even torturing and murdering cats. 

It was a far cry from what I had hoped Spanish life would be like. The whole community was up in arms and before long the authorities were involved. It wasn’t long before the family left our village and returned to the UK. 

Bringing a new sense of peace to the village.

It is my hope that the family got all the help they needed in the Uk to turn their lives around and become the people I know that could have been. 

To see children struggle in such a way is so horrible.





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First Day of School
Friday, September 6, 2019

First Day of School


As all parents know your children’s first day at school is hard, maybe even harder for the parents as the children. Add to the mix that you couldn’t speak the language and although they had been having lessons in the Uk their language skills were very very basic.

Both the girls were keen to attend school and although they were understandably nervous they were well up for the challenge. Barry took Mysty and I took Loreena because of all the issues I had had getting her to go into school in the Uk.

We were shown which lines to join and a few other parents waited in line with their children.

Then the bell, well more of a siren went and it was time for the children to go in and the adults to melt away.

Barry continued in with Mysty, but for Loreena I felt it would be better if I handed her to her new teacher and left. As we reached the door the teacher who was waiting to take the now crying and shaking Loreena by the hand, at that moment a beautiful smiling little girl appeared and took Loreena’s other hand. I took my chance and left for a bit of cry.

It turns out that the little girl was an orphan and her sister was in Mysty’s class and had done the same thing for her. Both these wonderful children had taken it on themselves to sit the new girls next to them and look after them.

They would be strong friends for that first term, right up to the time when the sisters were adopted and went to live in a city far away with their new parents.

I was lucky enough to meet them with their new family before they left and you could see that they already loved the girls and would give them a wonderful life.

We as a family will never forget the kindness given by two beautiful children who had suffered so much.


The girls came running out of school with smiling faces that day, even though they didn’t understand much, they were ok. The system was based around play so the perfect environment for my girls to learn the language quickly.

Even at that young age, they decided that at school they would only ever talk to each other in Spanish.

I was also paying for them to have school dinners, so they would become more integrated with both the other students, culture and food.

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Friday, August 23, 2019



Yet another thing we got wrong!

We found a car we wanted to buy, Spanish plated, old and cheap.

But we were still waiting for our appointment to get our NIE numbers.

Again we listened to the wrong people this time the person selling the car, we were told we would not be able to get it transferred into our name until we had our paperwork. WRONG!

After renting a car for much longer than we needed to we found this just wasn’t true. You can legally drive a car on a piece of paper issued by an asesoria until you have the correct documents and it can be insured.

We would never dream of driving an uninsured car, as it turned out that’s a good job.

My first ever drive out in our new car and it broke down!

Unable to speak Spanish, I didn’t know what to do. I found the documents (they were in English) and called the number. Thankfully they spoke English but when the mechanic called me back to find out where I was, which I wasn’t 100% sure of, if truth be told, he only spoke Spanish.

Panic started to set in but then it hit me, one of the Estate Agents we had been dealing with (not the bad one!) was within walking distance.

I walked up and he was so helpful, came back to the car with me and spoke to the mechanic on the phone and then stayed with me until it was fixed. 

The car didn’t give us any more problems after that until it was written off almost a year later.


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Friday, August 16, 2019

Busy, Busy, Busy


Rental properties in the Spanish village we wanted to live in were very far and few between. Barry had found the only one which was available at short notice, hence it was far from ideal.

The first week of our Spanish life was busy, with trying to clean up our rental property. Really is unbelievable the amount of filth some people live in and the amount of tat they leave in a rental property. We moved all the things we didn’t need or couldn’t clean into one of the bedrooms, it was full. Then we stored all the items we had brought with us but didn’t need straight away in the most unusual bedroom I have ever seen. It had a toilet plumbed into it but in the middle of the room, what’s that about?


We found a bar where the landlord spoke some English, he would turn out to be the person who lead us in a direction we never in a million years thought we would go! His wife was a teacher, so we arranged to start having Spanish lessons with her. It was already frustrating not speaking the language, I would say ‘hola’ to the people I pasted in the street, but when they tried to talk to me, which most did, I was lost, no clue what they were saying at all. I wanted to fit in and be a real part of the community. To do that I had to get at least some Spanish under my belt.


It turned out that I found it very difficult in the classroom setting, even though the class was just for Barry and myself. Having had not the best English education I had no clue about verbs and grammar, let alone past, present and continual. 

However I wanted to learn, I needed to be able to communicate, I found going for a coffee after the class was working much better for me. I needed a more practical approach. 

This wonderful couple would help us in so many ways, our teacher even set up the appointment for us to get our residences because we didn’t have NIE numbers we were able to do them both together. She made sure we had all the paperwork we needed and yet again we travelled to Almeria, this time knowing where the new offices were.

This time it was easy, we went in for our appointment and bingo came out with the documents we needed.


*Top tip: getting your paperwork does not need to be as hard as we made it, go straight to an asesoria and save yourself time, money and hassle.

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We Have Arrived
Monday, August 12, 2019

We have arrived


The first day in our new country was a mix of excitement and nerves.


First thing in the morning we went to school, we had taken a translator with us. But yet again had fallen into the trap of thinking, if someone speaks more of the language than you they must be fluent. 

The headmistress called the English teacher in to help, but that worryingly didn’t help at all, as luck would have it, the sports teacher walked past just then and his English was streets ahead of the other staff members.

All the paperwork was completed and the girls would start school the following week. 


Now to see our new home.

As we climbed the narrow alleyways in the beautiful mountainside village that was now our home, my heart began to sink. I would have to make this trip every time I went to the supermarket, the only place to park the car was on the outer town road.

 How were we going to get our belongings in?

The answer was we would have to block off one of the towns tiny roads and walk it up the alleyway and to the house.

Barry’s description of the house was wonderful, the reality was not.

It had bag’s of potential but we were only renting, so wouldn’t want to do too much.

It was full of the owner's belongings and was disgustingly filthy.

Everywhere needed painting urgently, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

We only had two weeks to knock the house into shape and make it liveable before my dad came to stay.

It was time to get to work.

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On Our Way
Friday, August 9, 2019

On Our Way 


The date was fixed for our big move. Barry would go on ahead and find us somewhere to rent and getting the girls into the local school.

I would move out and stay with Dad for two weeks, allowing the girls to finish the school term and for me to clean the house once it was empty, so it was spotless for our lovely new tenant.


The girls finished school and we spent time at goodbye parties and making sure we spent time with family.

Barry and a family friend drove a van full of our things over to Spain and started looking for our next home.

His description of our new home sounded amazing, it was a townhouse, which benefits would include really getting to know life in a small town, the community and customs. It was also easy walking distance to the school.


Get the girls into school was proving a little more difficult, they wanted to meet me and the girls before they would accept them.


The two weeks flew by and it was time for our new life to begin. 

Dad took us to the airport and outside customs, we said our goodbyes. It really felt like we were saying goodbye forever, which was totally crazy as Dad had already booked a flight for two weeks to come and see how we were getting on. 

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