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Green Lemons are Limes

The adventure that moving and living in Spain has continually been. Tragic events that have turned everything upside down, house moves and running a bar in the Spanish countryside.

New Home?
03 August 2019 @ 12:28

New Home?


Barry and I flew back to Spain to sort out the paperwork for our new house, we had paid a deposit before we left the last time, now we needed to meet the solicitor and get our NIE’s to proceed with the sale. 

It was a flying visit, so with no time to lose we drove straight to the solicitors. We sat down and as she explained the property we were buying. Hang on, that’s not right! She described the stable building, no mention of the house or the land, she advised us not to buy it as it was clear there was a major problem with the paperwork.


I was disappointed and angry, we had come here to buy a house and now we would be leaving empty-handed. We went directly to the estate agent to get our deposit back. They suggested that if we had used their solicitor it would not have been a problem. Not for them maybe but for us when the true owners turned up at the door wanting their house back, with the paperwork proving ownership, I saw red. Barry sent me out of the office as smoke was threatening to come from my ears, I do not often lose my temper but when I do I really do and Barry knows this.

They told him they did not have the deposit in the office and to return the next day, so away we went with our fingers crossed that they would give it back and we wouldn’t have to take legal action.


The next day we returned, to be told they still didn’t have our deposit and to come back later. So we hung about and waited until the time they had said, this gave me too much thinking time, my head was spinning with how I would solve this problem. I was not leaving again without my deposit, if need be I would sit in front of the office telling everyone who walked past what they had done and make a real nuisance of myself if they called the police even better. 

Thankfully, I didn’t have to put the plan into action and they gave back the deposit on our return and we never dealt with them again.


This regrettable situation did not put us off moving to Spain but we did need a different plan if we wanted to move before the Stat exam. We decided to rent and keep house hunting, giving us as much time as we needed, rather than try to rush things.

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rick7591 said:
10 August 2019 @ 10:36

Sad to hear and I can sympathise with you. Can you name the estate agents to warn other people

samm3333 said:
12 August 2019 @ 18:35

Thank you rick7591 for taking the time to comment.
I will not be sharing the name of the estate agent because the laws have now changed and it is illegal for agents to advertise a property without the paperwork being correct.
Also, this took place 12 years ago and yes, what happened was wrong but it would be wrong for me to name and shame after so many years.

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