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Golf Gardens Miraflores Community News

This is a blog that our whole committee uses to tell their story of what's happening and what they are doing on a daily basis for the improvement of our Golf Gardens Miraflores community in Riviera Del Sol. We want our community to be "The best place to live on the Costa del Sol" and only with a dedicated team of owners who are prepared to commit time and effort to the cause, will we achieve our goal!

New postboxes now installed.
08 August 2008 @ 19:10

In an attempt to resolve the post issue we have invested in a new set of postboxes that have been installed on the wall just outside the community front gate.

Each postbox is engraved with an apt number on it and there is space for people to put their name on the box as well, although for image purposes we may produce these for everyone in the community.

The cleaner will be asked to ensure the postboxes are kept clean and dusted and that any pieces of junkmail sticking out of the letterboxes are removed and disposed of in the dustbins. The community will also securely hold a spare key for each box to ensure postboxes are kept from overflowing and looking untidy. Please ensure you check your postbox reguarly or get a neighbour to do it for you if you arent here all the time. 

We will have to accept that this is not a perfect situation, but we are having to do everything possible to ensure the postman has no reason to just dump the post on the wall as he has been doing. it will now also be easier for wrongly delivered mail to be redirected to us by the other phases.

The community and surrounding areas is having numerous powercuts at the moment, which is causing concerns in the heat, this was compounded today by the waterpumps refilling the pool tripping out and leaving the pool half full for a number of sunny peak hours, this wasnt spotted by the gardeners who were working elsewhere. However its refilled now and again we would ask users of the pool to shower before entering the pool, as suntan lotions and dirt from the gardens has clogged up all the filters again recently.

The community is also looking to replace the original sign at the entrance to the community with a tiled copy of the community logo, our administrators are obtaining quotes for this, and Dave is looking at replacing the cheap and nasty floodlights over the gate with some more professional looking lights. it is hoped that the concrete plinth above the gate will also be painted. this will all enhance the image and first impression owners, buyers and renters get of GGM2...the best place to live on the Costa del Sol! 

It looks as though we have been successful in contacting one of the two owners with a serious debt to the community and hopefully that will have been sorted out by the middle of next week. She was unaware of any problems as due to personal reasons hadnt been out to her apt for a couple of years and simply hadnt given anyone her new address in the UK, so she didnt know about the change of administrator, change of bank account and that she was about to have her apartment sold by the courts. Hopefully all that will have been resolved now, so please, if you move house let us know.

Unfortunately the Benalflat debt situation seems to have taken a turn for the worse and the person who was using the apartment and had offereed to clear the debt now seems to have dissapeared and the contact telephone number for him has been disconnected, so if anyone wants a cheap penthouse...theres one coming up in an auction soon!!

Invitations for the community BBQ on the 25th Augustwill be distributed by the end of next week under everyones doors so keep a look out and let us know if you and your guests can attend.

Have a great weekend its close on 35 degrees............. in sunny Manchester this afternoon and i'm going home to cut the lawns..........   

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