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Golf Gardens Miraflores Community News

This is a blog that our whole committee uses to tell their story of what's happening and what they are doing on a daily basis for the improvement of our Golf Gardens Miraflores community in Riviera Del Sol. We want our community to be "The best place to live on the Costa del Sol" and only with a dedicated team of owners who are prepared to commit time and effort to the cause, will we achieve our goal!

First Committee Meeting since AGM - Gardens
28 July 2008 @ 19:21

July was the first opportunity for the new President and his First Lady to take up residence around the pool and bare the brunt of every owner with a minor complaint...the main one being that all the fire extinguishers had gone missing. Under the old administrator they hadn't been checked or serviced for years, and so when we implemented a maintenace plan for the fire alarms and system, a number needed to be taken away and refilled, every stairwell still had an extinguiser in it, but what a panic that caused, owners complaining about what would happen if there was a fire...if they thought about it, most of the extinguishers wouldnt have worked anyway!!!!!  Anyway, they have all now been returned and nobody has said a word of thanks!!!!   El Presidente appears to be a heartless job sometimes, so give thanks to your president and team when they get things done, it motivates them.

So what have been the main points from the meeting..

At our  AGM we agreed to write to the owners of three vehicles that use the community visitors spaces on a permanent basis, rather than their own garage spaces or the road outside. These letters were all ignored, so Lockable Parking Bollards have now been installed to allow the gardeners and delivery drivers to park correctly and not block the community entrance. Keys have been given to all committee members and written notices will be put in all noticeboards informing people of the procedure to get them lowered.

Our president was also concerned that the gardens were actually lacking some colour, whilst the shrubs and lawns were all well trimmed we had a lot of green and not a lot else! The budget allowed us to invest in over 100 perrenial "spreading flowering plants" to fill in all the gaps where plants had died previously. The committee took this job on themselves and over 2 days all these plants were added into the gardens so that the gardeners schedule wasnt disrupted. The sprinkler system has been checked to ensure they all get watered reguarly so expect some more colour very shortly.

The tubs on top of Block 11 are now irrigated properly and all the plants have been deadheaded and fed so lets hope they grow back to what they were earlier in the year when the rain was falling and keeping them watered reguarly.
For anyone that hasnt seen the difference these make take a look at the recent picture.

We have also started to get quotes for the pool 5 year maintenace service, an extension to the surround and new steps down into the pool for easier access. Extra New signs will also be going up removing any liability of the community for use of the pool, until we are able to obtain our Pool Licence. So hopefully for the start of next summer we will have resolved the problem we have with the chlorine from the pool killing all the grass around the edges.

The only Palm Tree on the community that was seriously blocking all the views and light from an owners terrace has now been removed. 2 New sun parasols have also been delivered and will be installed this week to give more shade for bathers around the pool.

Sunbeds have been in short supply over the last 2 weeks due to large family parties being in residence, please have curtosy to other owners and dont leave towels on beds in the morning and then go out shopping for 4 hours as was the case recently when people had to put towels down on the grass rather than take the unused sunbeds....not sure how we get over this, but as a general rule if a bed is unoccupied for more than an hour, then i dont see any reason why someone cannot remove the towel and use the this acceptable or not??

The commercial Flycatcher bags have been installed again in the gardens and owners have already noticed a dramatic reduction in flys bothering them while sunbathing, we now have stocks of thes for this and next year. 

Anyway that's whats been happening in the gardens over the last 2 weeks
It all looks great and hope that when you are visiting you will be impressed.      

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