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Golf Gardens Miraflores Community News

This is a blog that our whole committee uses to tell their story of what's happening and what they are doing on a daily basis for the improvement of our Golf Gardens Miraflores community in Riviera Del Sol. We want our community to be "The best place to live on the Costa del Sol" and only with a dedicated team of owners who are prepared to commit time and effort to the cause, will we achieve our goal!

Things are settling down. 30/6/08
30 June 2008 @ 18:59

Well after a hectic start to the week last week everything seemed to go quiet for the weekend, which was just as well as i had a "Big Birthday Party" 100 guests arrived and it was great to see Jeremy & Dot on home ground. We all had breakfast together the next morning at our house, which was nice.

So what's the plan of action for this week. 

I'm now on the second page of the community newsletter and hope to have that finised this week so that i can bring copies over with me on the 10th July for Intercala to send out and we can put local copies under all the doors as well for people arriving for the school holidays.

We are all waiting for the information on the roof tiles situation from the lawyer and promoter, think we are also getting a seperate quote as well just incase this starts to drag out to long and we have to act for Health & safety reasons with so many people about during the holidays.

Quotes are coming in for the automatic chemical injection equipment for the pool, this will replace the gardener throwing in a few handfuls of chlorine every so often, this happens on so many communities across spain, but will need to change, we are acting now rather than later.

Joke has a number of small maintenance issues that she is currently resolving around the community with Dave so those should be sorted out fairly quickly. As we know Marcello the head gardener is back from his holidays and the irrigation system is being worked on this week to ensure the correct balance of water throughout the community. Jeremy and Dave had identified a number of areas that were lacking water and others that were receiving to much, so these are being looked at and sorted.

By now, residents that frequently use the visitor parking areas rather than their own garage spaces will have been written to by the administrator asking them to park in their own garage space as it is causing problems for the gardeners, delivery men and owners that want to wash their cars, should this be ignored, the committee have agreed that posts will be installed to stop illegal parking and that keys will be available from numerous committee members should residents have deliveries or visitors arriving. If this does not work we may decide to rebuild the fountain and circular garden to remove the spaces all together. Lets hope it does not come to this and the regular offenders see sense and use their own spaces.

With so many owners and renters visiting in the school holidays car parking is going to be an issue this year, should you require a lock and chain to be installed across the front of your space Dave Lines has all the necessary tools and chains, you will find his contact number on the website 

We will also be installing again the commercial fly catchers that we successfully tested last summer, this year three of these will be hanging in trees on the complex for the summer, so please ask your children not to touch them, as they fill up quite quickly and each hold upto 20,000 dead flys when full, these will reduce dramatically the number of flys around the pool area, which are always an irritant to owners and guests when you are sunbathing.

Its just 10 days before i'm by the pool now and i'm really looking forward to 3 weeks of sunhine and sangria with friends and neighbours.

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