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Golf Gardens Miraflores Community News

This is a blog that our whole committee uses to tell their story of what's happening and what they are doing on a daily basis for the improvement of our Golf Gardens Miraflores community in Riviera Del Sol. We want our community to be "The best place to live on the Costa del Sol" and only with a dedicated team of owners who are prepared to commit time and effort to the cause, will we achieve our goal!

GGM2 Update from Administrators meeting 25/6
26 June 2008 @ 01:36

The meeting went well with lazara – Joke and myself have gone through the Action List and agreed on all
– on Thursday she will visit with a surveyor to look at roof and  all leaks. Also surveyor will be able to advise on garage doors as she knows all building regulations, so will look at doors( Joke says, that hers has ventilation-so it should be ok re in case of fire)
Post: Lazara instructed Maria to keep chasing. I just met Marcelo and Dave in gardens – Dave tells me that Jean from Fase 3( just started having the same problem as us)  has phoned in to central post office in Fuengirola, but they insist that the postman does not have to go onside the gate….letterboxes should be put outside or 1 collective box needs to be provided. Which is not a solution in our opinion as no other person should take responsibility, then the postman. Jean has a box put outside the gate and their cleaner is paid a bit of extra to distribute the letters. She also found there all letters to the 3 fases shoved in together. I just hope that Lazara (Maria) could achieve sg more reasonable.
Lift phones – apparently the lift co is waiting for some parts, therefore it will be 2 weeks before they can resolve the phone problem.
I have put the “in case of emergency” signs in all lifts in English and Spanish today just under the emergency telephone number.
Fire Alarm – New Co is :Goextin
Pool license signs: Lazara emailed to Jeremy, and he may get them done, as far as I know. The new sign hopefully can fit on the same legs as the pool rules are – so we don’t have so many stands and signs.
Gate key to Antonio – we have decided against it. Cannot really start giving out keys to people. The gate has not broke down since the changes have been made to it. But should anyone need help, could call on us here – our apt numbers will be placed in notice board very shortly.( I have just made a table with all necessary Community Information, inc president….committee members…water co… )
Marcelo – has been asked to deal with irrigation problems, he will keep replacing sprinklers to right position to water lawn separately from flowerbeds etc, also working on a couple of broken valves to replace (involves finding same valve and digging down deep)
He reset today the “back gardens” behind block 5 and 4 – to be on the same timings as rest of garden. Watering should come on at 10pm – for 40 minutes( if I got that right) On the terrace areas he has to do the repairs before he can switch the watering system  back – can be watered manually till than – he says.
Will deal with cutting palm tree, but irrigation is priority at the mo – we agreed with Dave on it – hopefully within the next two weeks. Do we know when John Curtis is about to come out again?
Grand Community – Joke had a meeting with Juan the President of the Grand Comm. She will be able to update you on the news. But it looks like that the traffic island is an utopia only.
Security Cameras – As Paul Hart knows ( well used to know some time ago) how the system works if someone should want to check the recordings, I shall ask him to give us a crash course ( his time permitting – sorry it is our busy season work wise) on it or try to locate the manual if there is one.
“Books” – Gilles ( Joke´s husband) was looking into outgoing payments
Satellites -  522b will have to get a warning letter as their dish is hanging out over the terraces below
Debtors List – Joke has displayed the updated list in all portals.

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