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Was going to Spain from start to finish but now I, Luca have taken over

Was about researching about where to look & about living in Spain I am here. So was for anyone interested here are the good & bad things that happened to me. But now I (Luca) will tell you about my experiences, both very bad, better and good.

I'm back .................
31 August 2012 @ 03:35

 It has been a traumatic couple of weeks for me & my mind has not been focusing properly for a while. Sadly three days after my last blog my dear brother passed away with that dreaded enemy to mankind, cancer although his weakened heart was his downfall. This had left me with very little fight & energy to want to do anything, but the basic needs etc..

The funeral was yesterday (thursday 30th) which went well (as far as a funeral can), with everything planned being successful.

There was one thing however I'd like to share with you. My Brother, Graham was a very good basketball player which started when he was about 12 or 13 at school. The team of 9 were so so successful that they continued playing together long after leaving school indeed they played together for about 30 years. They enjoyed not only the sport together, but also each others company often meeting out socially. At Grahams funeral yesterday 7 of the 9 players attended. The other 2? Well there was Graham and the last player had also sadly died. To have friends from school like that 50 odd years later I find incredible.

The funeral also shook me from my woes and I knew that I must get out of this malaise & push on again with my pursuit of my dream for warmer, nay hotter weather in Spain. Having survived in Thailand with temperatures mush hotter than Spain, I  am prepared. Officially the Uk has had the wettest summer for 100 years.

Nine or ten days ago I made tentative enquiries at several Colleges in the area concerning Spanish classes. I'm afraid it didn't take me long to lose total confidence in their abilities. A couple suggested I go to their open day, one promised to put the curriculum in the post, to be kind it must have got lost in the post and another suggested I look on the internet - already done that!

So, I have again pursued my original idea of a personal tutor. I really admire you ladies who have the discipline to learn from CD's in the car or whatever, as when I have tried it my mind wanders onto other things so the poor old CD tutor finishes by talking to himself. I know I will do it if someone else sets the goals.

I have been speaking to a chap called Leonardo Soto (or Leo). He has an office close to New Street Station in Birmingham and I live 4 minutes walk from my train Station. So it's a hop on the train a twenty minute train journey, short walk and I'm their and we have agreed with him seeing how tough his assignment is, and me seeing how good he is. I am happy with his fees. I have yet to fix firm appontments, but I will now "crack on" and keep you posted.

Their's lots more to tell you but I'll keep that for another day - so watch this space ....

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Tamara said:
31 August 2012 @ 15:36

Thank you for this lovely update Gerald. It's been a really difficult month for you - you'll be glad when it turns into September.

Get your library to get you the Michel Thomas Foundation Course in Spanish. It's 8 CDs plus a review CD. Best thing about it is that it's not Copy-Protected, so you can copy them onto your computer and make discs! It's just superb - I can honestly say it's what got me from a standing start to being reasonably competent. Give it a whirl.

Gerald said:
31 August 2012 @ 21:05

Thank you Tamara,
your comments are always very helpful and on this occasion comforting. Yes i will indeed be glad to see September.
I am spending a few days from tomorrow in London but on my return will go to the library and order the Michel Thomas Spanish CD's. Your advice (and Elizabeth's) are valued.

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